Tissot’s T-Touch Connect Sport: A fusion of style and fitness tech

Tissot T-Touch Solar Sport © Tissot

A watch that can monitor heart rate, speed, and energy expenditure

Tissot’s latest creation, the T-Touch Connect Sport, stands at the intersection of style and fitness tech, a significant advancement in the realm of connected watches. This sports model not only inherits the brilliance of its counterpart, the T-Touch Connect Solar, but goes a step further by incorporating CSEM-developed, clinically validated proprietary, algorithms and photoplethysmography (PPG) optical sensors. These components allow the watch to monitor its wearers’ fitness indicators, including heart rate, speed, and energy expenditure, enabling them to track and monitor their performance in real time.

The T-Touch Connect Sport is not just a new product; it represents a successful tech transfer, a testament to CSEM’s mission. Leveraging CSEM’s two decades of expertise in optical-based wearables and associated algorithms, Tissot has seamlessly integrated this cutting - edge technology into its production-ready product. The result is a perfect combination of classic watch design and wellness features.

Overcoming the challenges of optical sensor integration

However, integrating an optical sensor into the watch’s classic design presented challenges: “The real hurdle emerged in motion artifacts, the unwanted electrical input that can be induced by physical movement of the body and the measurement system. Given the watch’s intended uses, including during running and workouts, it was crucial to ensure that these artifacts did not compromise the accuracy of the fitness measurements,” explains Jens Krauss, VP Business Unit Leader of MedTech at CSEM. “CSEM’s dedicated efforts to recalibrate algorithms based on raw optical signals from Tissot watches resulted in a hybrid model, combining GPS data with 3D accelerometer signals for accurate speed readings.”

A remarkable battery life with ultra-low-power technology

The success of the T-Touch Connect Sport extends beyond fitness monitoring features. CSEM’s clinically validated PPG optical sensors and algorithms, coupled with the watch’s ultra-low-power SwALPS operating system and photovoltaic charging system (both previously co-developed by CSEM for the T-Touch Connect Solar), contribute to its remarkable three-month battery life in connected-sport mode. This sets Tissot apart from competitors, emphasizing the effectiveness of its collaboration with CSEM in delivering both style and substance in wearable technology.

A successful collaboration between Tissot and CSEM

Tissot and CSEM’s symbiotic partnership exemplifies innovation in the evolving landscape of wearables. The T-Touch Connect Sport not only makes a style statement, but also serves as a testament to how technology can seamlessly blend into our lives, enhancing both aesthetics and performance functionality.

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