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Medical wearables

Medical wearables are transforming the way that patients are cared for. But as these devices become smaller, smarter, more interconnected, and more wearable, the technology that underpins them needs to be rock-solid. That is where we come in.

We have decades of experience in designing and creating medical wearable sensor systems, miniaturization, wireless connectivity, and ultra-low-power ASIC design. As an ISO13485-certified partner to the medical industry, we are helping to create medical wearables that prevent diseases, monitor at-risk patients, and enhance behavioral changes.

Our Work

The solutions we are creating have the potential to impact the way healthcare is administered to stakeholders.

Sensors, wearables and IoMT

  • Design: creating wearable or system solutions based on CSEM reference designs for monitoring of the cardiovascular system (ECG), respiration (impedance and stethoscope), brain (EEG), and muscles (EMG). Our solutions are also being applied to analysis applications for movement and gait, biomarkers, and skin/body temperature as well as gas analysis to develop medical devices up to Class III.
  • Integration and optimization: simplifying the integration of medical device components including optical/PPG sensors, dry active electrodes, electrochemical and gas sensors as well as ultra-low-power ASIC and sub-threshold CMOS.

Data Science

  • Algorithm development and transfer: creating innovative algorithms for noninvasive measurement of vital signs. We are also integrating existing libraries dedicated to the estimation of vital signs including heartrate and its variability (HRV), blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulmonary artery pressure, and physical activity profiling.
  • Diagnostics and detection: developing AI-based systems for detecting optical cardiac arrhythmia, falls, risk of falls, sleep staging and apnea, as well as monitoring point-of-care diagnostics.
  • Deployment: designing, implementing, and validating custom models for medical diagnostics and decision support systems implemented and deployed in embedded systems like nRF SoC, STM32 or cloud solutions such as AWS, Azure, CSEM proprietary and on-premises software.

Clinical Assessment

  • Clinical studies: working with our network of university hospitals and participating in the design of study protocols in compliance with relevant standards and norms. 
  • Data collection: deploying custom-made IoT smart sensor gateways for collecting vital signs from in- and outpatients and streaming them in real-time to custom-made databases.
  • Privacy: using machine learning algorithms and distributed AI technologies to ensure data privacy and security of sensitive clinical data.
Blood pressure measurement

Want to get involved?

We can help you utilize cutting-edge technology to provide better outcomes for patients. We know the sector, we know the technology, and we know how to take great ideas and turn them into practical and effective medical wearables solutions.

We have already collaborated extensively with a range of leading Swiss university hospitals to develop medical devices including oBPM® with Aktiia, OptiBP® with Biospectal, and others. We would love to collaborate with you too.

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Meet our happy customers

Logo Aktiia

Mattia Bertschi


Aktiia aims at reducing the burden of hypertension with just a sleek bracelet, the fruit of more than 15 years of research and development done at CSEM. Their multidisciplinary team, scientific approach, and passion for innovation have been invaluable throughout the creation of our breakthough solution for cuffless blood pressure monitoring.

Logo Ava

Pascal Koenig


CSEM belongs to the globally leading organizations when it comes to medical wearables. Their experience, technology portfolio, IP, know-how, and advice have greatly contributed to building Ava, a company with the mission to improve women’s health.

Logo Digital Switzerland

Tobias Pforr

founder, RedRock and DigitalSwitzerland coach

It would have been highly unrealistic for us to achieve our 'bet' without CSEM's core technology.

Logo Wyss Center

George Kouvas


CSEM’s know-how in the field of medicalgrade wearable devices and experience in sensor technologies have helped us realize the desired capabilities for EPIOS. We are very much looking forward to trialing the system and helping improve quality of life for people living with neuro-disorders.

Logo Lymphatica

Marco Pisano


Lymphatica’s first artificial lymphatic vessel for the treatment of lymphedema is composed of an implanted micropump, controlled externally via a wearable device. Working with CSEM allowed us to develop and produce the first series of wearable controllers to be used in a firstin- man clinical investigation in lymphedema patients.

Logo Gait Up

Cléo Moulin

Clinical Innovation Manager

Thanks to CSEM’s expertise in wearable sensors, signal processing, and medical devices we will accelerate the launch of a disruptive device blending advanced 3D sensor technology with clinically validated algorithms. This will transform the management of patients with severe motor impairments and reduce healthcare costs.

Logo Firstbeat

Ilkka Korhonen


We worked with CSEM to develop a prototype next generation wearable heart rate tracker. Combined, their technical excellence, deep understanding of a companies needs, agile research approach and focus on outcomes was both impressive and unique.

Logo Definition12

Beat Gersbach


With the help of CSEM we will open up our aphasia app—which provides training for people who have lost their ability to speak due to stroke—to other languages. We believe there will be semantic differences between languages, and this has to be transferred into machine language models of meaningful content.

Logo Biospectal

Professor Patrick Schoettker

Chief Medical Advisor

CSEM has experience working with the watchmaking industry and is a world-leading expert in oscillator systems. That’s where you go when you’re seeking technologies that break the mold.