Solar brilliance: Freesuns, and CSEM illuminate the future

New generation of solar roof tiles by Freesuns© Freesuns

A dynamic partnership

In a dynamic partnership with Freesuns, CSEM has been at the forefront in developing a groundbreaking generation of Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) solar roof tiles. These tiles serve a dual purpose: not only do they enhance building aesthetics, but they also significantly increase durability and strength. The impact of this technological leap extends far beyond individual rooftops—it shapes a more sustainable future for all.

The tiles play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and our overall environmental footprint. By capturing the Sun’s energy, they contribute to a greener planet. “The tiles boast a minimum degradation ratio and a more robust life span (at least 25-30 years). Rigorous accelerated aging testing, including exposure to harsh environmental conditions and extreme temperatures ensures compliance with stringent IEC quality standards,” says Matthieu Despeisse, Group Leader of Sustainable Energy at CSEM.

Freesuns’ commitment to affordability is transformative, explains John Morello, CTO at Freesuns: “With these latest developments, we can reduce the selling price of our latest product, helping to broaden access to solar energy. Its adaptability—fitting any roof shape, color, or size—makes it an attractive option, even for buildings constrained by heritage or architectural considerations. Communities previously hindered by restrictions now have a viable path to sustainable power.”

These joint efforts are set to yield impressive results. Freesuns’ latest product will enhance its new customers’ installed power capacity by 15%, accelerating the production of clean energy. This contribution brings Switzerland’s renewable energy goals closer, pointing the way toward a resilient and cleaner future.

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