The radio control solution making industrial machines safer and smarter

A worker controlling machines wirelessly

The challenge and opportunity of controlling machines wirelessly

Operating heavy machinery and equipment is a risky and challenging task for many workers in sectors such as warehousing, construction, agriculture, manufacturing, forestry, and transportation. They must deal with the constant threat of accidents, injuries, or fatalities, which can be caused by the unreliability or insecurity of radio controllers.

But what if there was a way to control machines from a safe distance, monitor their status in real time, optimize their operations, and protect them from cyber-attacks? That is what a new radio control solution co-developed by E-CHRONOS and CSEM offers. Working closely together, the two companies have revisited all aspects of the solution’s design, from improving wireless connection to enhancing user experience.

How E-CHRONOS and CSEM co-developed a new radio control solution

“Our role was to provide our expertise and innovation in four key areas: custom antennas, adaptive protocols, cellular networks, and cyber security”, notes Damien Piguet, Senior Project Manager of Integrated and Wireless Systems at CSEM. “We designed an antenna offering a seamless and secure link between the operator and the machine, with longer range, lower latency, and higher reliability than conventional controllers. We also developed and validated an adaptive protocol that ensures a smooth and responsive connection, also in complex and dynamic operations.”

“Thanks to CSEM’s contributions, our next-generation radio control solution offers two redundant communication channels: radio frequency and cellular network. This boosts the security and safety of the system. The solution also features a web interface for data analytics. CSEM conducted a rigorous cyber security analysis of the system, which helped us develop features resistant to cyber threats and which protect users’ data and operations,” acknowledges Yannick Farrer, CEO of E-CHRONOS.

The market potential and vision of the new radio control solution

“Our solution has strong market potential, and we hope it will allow us to achieve a five-fold revenue increase over the next five years,” comments Farrer. “It’s the result of our joint effort and vision to create a radio control solution offering more safety, security, and efficiency to users.” The new radio control solution meets evolving demands of existing and potential equipment customers and paves the way for a new era in automation and efficiency, where operators and machines collaborate seamlessly and wirelessly, reducing risks and improving visibility in the working environment. It is the future of safe and secure industrial control.

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