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Olatz Arriaga

19 April 2024

Best poster award - SiliconPV 2024

Congratulations to Olatz Arriaga Arruti for winning the Best Poster Award at the SiliconPV 2024 Conference! Explore her research on solar cell degradation mechanisms and mitigation solutions.

Laurie-Lou Senaud, CSEM

27 November 2023

Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. (ABB) Award 2023

Congratulations to Laurie-Lou Senaud for her groundbreaking work and dedication to improving solar cell efficiencies, which resulted in her being awarded the Asea Brown Boveri Ltd. Award in 2023!

Prix Durabilis 2022

11 December 2022

Durabilis Award 2022 UNIL-EPFL to Alexis Barrou

Launched in March 2007, the Durabilis award is given to student projects that incorporate sustainability considerations. In 2022, it was awarded to Alexis Barrou for his project "Life Cycle Analysis & Sustainable Technological Roadmap for Photovoltaic Panels".

Logo Matis

4 December 2022

Foundation for Technological Innovation: 100,000 Swiss francs for start-up MATIS

MATIS, a Neuchâtel-based startup focusing on developing high-tech multispectral imaging systems, has received a financial support from the Foundation for Technological Innovation .

EPFL prize

1 November 2022

EPFL’s Best 8% Thesis Distinction awarded to Laurie-Lou Senaud

Laurie-Lou Senaud, who won the EPFL's Best 8% Thesis Distinction award, conducted a scientific study focusing on the characterization and mitigation of electrical losses in silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cells.

Arnaud Walter

30 March 2022

2022 SiliconPV – Best Presentation Award

Arnaud Walter was rewarded with the SiliconPV 2022 Award for his presentation entitled "Perovskite/Silicon Tandems: First Realization with Rear Textured p-Type High-Temperature Passivating Contacts".


29 March 2022

2022 Swiss PV Symposium: Best Poster Award

"Best Practice-Oriented Poster" goes to CSEM and Meteotest, for their work understanding the performance of data-driven and weather-based PV forecasting techniques.

Ewelina Obrzud

11 March 2022

Ewelina Obrzud, winnner of the MERAC Prize

Congratulations to Ewelina Obrzud, winner of the prestigious European Astronomical Society's MERAC Prize for her amazing work on new instrumental technologies!

Component of an ultra-low-power transceiver

8 February 2022

2022 CSEM Inventor Award

A remarkable invention: an ultra-low-power transceiver, icyTRX, that can be integrated into Bluetooth chips, enabling greater miniaturization and a longer battery life for portable devices.


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