Space and aeronautics

Reaching new frontiers in performance

Our precision mechanisms and instrumentation for use in space exploration has led to quantum leaps in performance for satellites and telescopes. Now, we're going even further to deliver a range of space and aeronautics applications.

Satellite flying over the earth

Our successes include the Corner Cube Mechanism used in European meteorological satellites Metop and MTG door mechanisms for the European Space Agency (ESA) X-Ray Multi-Mirror Satellite (XMM), LiDAR for space debris removal as part of the  H2020 European project and ultra-high stability laser metrology for the LISA satellite interferometer (ESA-NASA mission).

Supporting ambition with specialized solutions

We are particularly well positioned when it comes to MEMS and MOEMS sensor development which plays a key role in the ongoing miniaturization of electronic modules and systems.

Our miniaturized LiDAR imaging technology can provide solutions for landing, rendezvous, and rover navigation applications.

We are also a key player when it comes to atomic clock and sensing (gyroscope, magnetometer) developments that have huge potential in space and aeronautics applications.

NASA's laser prototype

Improving aeronautic efficiency

We’ve developed a range of solutions for the aeronautics sector. For example, our pressure sensing strip measures pressure distribution over aircraft wings during flight, while our pressure-sensitive paint is used on steel aircraft models and wind tunnels.

Plane flying above the clouds

Our icephobic coatings significantly reduce the adhesion of ice to wings and fuselages. Meanwhile, ultra-low-power wireless sensor networks reduce both aircraft weight and maintenance, lowering CO2 emissions while maintaining the same levels of safety. We are also improving safety with in-cockpit monitoring and developing ultra-lightweight photovoltaic modules.

Meet our happy customers


Ian McLean

Distinguished Professor/Director, Department of Physics & Astronomy

CSEM is by far the best company we have worked with in the past 20 years. We not only recommend them without reservation.

Logo Thales

Jean-Philippe Chambelland

Procurement Manager

We have a very positive experience of working with CSEM for the European Space Agency, which is why we wanted it to develop the corner cube mechanism, a key element of our interferometer, for MTG’s new kind of meteorological instrument.

Logo Swissto12

Emile de Rijk

CEO and co-founder

Our five-year collaboration with CSEM has allowed us to have a continuous workstream with the same group of experts, who follow up on developments with us in a way that creates a closeness with our internal people working on the same topics—it’s nice teamwork.

Logo Space-X
Space Exploration Institute

Jean-Luc Josset

CLUPI Principal Investigator

CSEM has many years of knowledge and experience in designing moving mechanisms that perform reliably, frictionlessly, and with a precision of a few micrometers, which is a key performance characteristic of the instrument. Thanks to this know-how, the CLUPI has the potential to discover past life on Mars.

Logo Ruag

Marie-Thérèse Ivorra

Site General Manager, Nyon

RUAG Aerospace has come to fully appreciate CSEM's experience and high level of competence in the design and simulation of high-precision space mechanisms integrating flexible structures.

Logo Orolia

Serge Grop

R&D Program Manager

CSEM and Orolia Switzerland have had a long and successful partnership. Our ongoing project with CSEM is the development of a Chip Scale Rubidium Oscillator to complete Orolia's mRO-50™ product line. Thanks to CSEM's MEMS expertise and micromachining facilities, Orolia Switzerland will now be able to access new types of markets and provide our clients with affordable and reliable components based on the latest technologies.

Logo ESA - European Space Agency

Scott Hovland

ISS Programme & Exploration Department, ESTEC, Directorate of Human Spaceflight and Operations

The spirit of collaboration that CSEM has shown has been excellent and I would specifically like to commend the center.

Logo Clearspace Today

Luc Piguet

CEO and Co-Founder

In our effort to make space sustainable, CSEM is a strong ally, offering years of experience in the space application field. Currently, in the framework of the ClearSpace-1 Service, our team has very different projects in robotics and navigation with CSEM. Their expertise, pragmatism and diligence allow us to advance ClearSpace's cutting-edge in orbit servicing.