ASICs for the edge

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Precise, intelligent, ultra-low-power sensors and actuators are the driving force behind edge processing

icyTRX- best-in-class Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver

Our uniquely designed systems-on-chips with sensor interfaces, communication, and hardware will power your edge computing needs, providing real-time, low-latency and privacy-preserved insights into your data. Ultra-low-power (ULP) ASIC, SOC design services and silicon IPs are combined with sensor interfaces, imagers, ADC, MCU, and ML-derived hardware accelerators, wireless communication, ranging or localization circuits that can be co-integrated with power management and energy harvesting units.

This delivers always-on, battery-less, energy-autonomous, unobtrusive smart-sensing systems. Our USP is our ULP: custom hardware and ASICs, which achieve a 10x reduction in power consumption courtesy of architectural innovation.

Research and Development in ASICs for the Edge

Our solutions will transform your edge processing capabilities. Here are some examples:

  • Precise, low-noise analog front ends: minimizing data acquisition power consumption via the design of low noise front ends and ADCs bridging the physical environment analog quantities with the digital environment
  • Machine-learning derived accelerators: enabling a thousand-fold reduction in the power required to accomplish a specialized task compared to running it on a general-purpose MCU
  • Accelerators with in-memory computing: generic enough to permit reuse for different applications and tasks owing to re-programmability and simple customization
  • ULP processor cores: power-optimized microcontrollers, such as Icyflex-V, a power-optimized RISC-V core, combined with u111 OS, our proprietary operating system, are achieving novel breakthroughs in 22 nm advanced nodes and beyond.
  • Low-power radio: best-in-class ULP BLE and dual-mode Bluetooth transceivers for the latest wearable and portable audio devices; LRP and HRP UWB impulse-radio used for secure ranging and access control; a 60 GHz ULP radar platform targeting battery-powered applications, such as contactless vital sign measurements
  • CMOS imagers: customized image sensors where exceptional performance is required, such as sub-mW, high-dynamic image sensors for autonomous cameras and high-speed imagers for process control
  • System-on-chip integration: state-of-the-art design flow, small-scale fabless production and the latest CAD environment enable extremely complex system-on-chip without sacrificing performance 
  • ULP design: a sub-threshold design and body-biasing to eliminate every microwatt
  • Precision timing solutions: innovative and best-in-class, offering accuracy and low-noise, covering a frequency range from 32 kHz to 3.4 GHz. These are ideal for use in real-time clocks (RTCs), high-speed analog-to-digital converters (ADCs), atomic clocks, and gas sensing. Our strong expertise lies in the co-design of MEMS & IC timing/frequency reference microsystems
  • ASICs for medical devices: Reduced size, cost, and power consumption of medical devices via custom ASICs.
 Bluetooth Low Energy transceiver

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Whether you want to increase battery life, enable miniaturization, or add on-chip intelligence, optimized for cost and performance, CSEM can deliver the technology building blocks you need to make edge computing a reality.

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Meet our happy customers

Logo Buhler Groupe

Mario Urbisaglia

Team Manager R&D

CSEM was the ideal partner for this project: expert in intelligent systems and algorithms, pragmatic and flexible when we had to change the data collection plan, and fast. This was our first project with CSEM—and it won’t be the last.

Logo Insightness

Christian Brändli

Former CEO

This project is a really big success story for CSEM and for Switzerland, because it brought Sony, the world’s largest image sensor manufacturer, here to set up a design center to develop a key technology. Without CSEM's contribution this would never have happened.

Logo Melexis

Damien Macq

Business Unit Manager—Wireless

We leveraged the excellent collaboration with CSEM, including enabling the transfer of know-how that will allow us to use this project as a technology platform for future circuit developments.

Logo Fujitsu

Masahiro Chijiiwa

Executive Vice President

By working with CSEM we will be able to develop an ecosystem that makes the benefits of our best-in-class low-voltage technology widely available to our partners.

Logo Semtech

Alain Dantec

Senior Vice President, Advanced Communications & Sensing

Semtech and CSEM have a relationship that goes back over ten years. We value CSEM's innovative capability and close collaboration and we hope to continue the strong relationship we have with them.

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Dieter Zeisel


CSEM has experience working with the watchmaking industry and is a world-leading expert in oscillator systems. That’s where you go when you’re seeking technologies that break the mold.

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Boris Danev


CSEM has helped our UWB solution quickly gain a foothold in the automotive market and increase the security of millions of PKE-enabled vehicles, as evidenced by the ADAC experiment. This success is also helping to accelerate the adoption of UWB more broadly. That is why we are now expanding our partnership with CSEM to bring the benefits of UWB to a wide range of industries.

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