Industrial automation

Supplying technologies for industries

Continuous process and equipment optimization drive this price-sensitive sector, so manufacturers must innovate intelligently to achieve reasonable margins. We support manufacturers by providing affordable innovation.

Two male engineers working on a petrol platform

Switzerland is renowned for its mechanical and electrical engineering industries. That’s why we are well versed in the continuous optimization of processes and equipment using advanced sensors as well as communication and processing techniques.

Complex tools and processes

However, optimization varies widely according to the application domain. Tools and processes, for example, may be completely different depending on whether the products manufactured are destined for use in photovoltaics, textiles, or automotive parts.

Red machine with articulated arm

Automation, machine-learning, and smart components

At CSEM, we develop machine-learning techniques that enable exceptional automation and inspection tasks. We automate your complex tasks, applying intelligent control and sensor-fusion techniques. Our application software frameworks allow you to easily deploy solutions on your systems. Production systems benefit from self-aware, smart components, which introduce intelligent robotics to manual or traditionally automated processes. CSEM’s highly customized, integrated sensing tools are ideal for a broad range of applications, including sensor-integrated robotic tools.

Meet our happy customers

Logo Asyril

Alain Codourey


CSEM is always ahead of the technology curve and leads projects with great professionalism.

Logo Buhler Groupe

Mario Urbisaglia

Team Manager R&D

CSEM was the ideal partner for this project: expert in intelligent systems and algorithms, pragmatic and flexible when we had to change the data collection plan, and fast. This was our first project with CSEM—and it won’t be the last.

Logo NKT photonics

Carsten Thomsen

Senior VP of Ultrafast Lasers

In the fast-paced field of high-power femtosecond lasers for industrial applications, NKT Photonics teamed up with CSEM to develop a cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the dedication and the good communication within the team, all the objectives have been reached and the technology is now implemented in our commercial systems.

Logo Schmid Federnfabrik

Albert Enste


We are experts in spring technology but definitely not in energy harvesting, miniaturization, and digitalization. That's why we need help from CSEM to develop this new kind of intelligent spring that will make machine failures and costly production interruptions a thing of the past.

Logo Tesa Hexagon

Fabrice Schertenleib

Managing Director

Working with CSEM has been very helpful technically and also geographically, with our proximity and the advantages of an all-Swiss partnership adding to the project's overall value.

Logo Witschi Electronic

Daniel Hug

CTO and Vice-President

The project was conducted with a very constructive attitude. Continuous and strong communication was always present and was a key success parameter. Measos [project which leads to WisioScope S] is considered as an example for future projects.

Logo Axetris

Simon Tschupp

Manager, Wafer Process Development

CSEM is experienced in using artificial intelligence, and the platform was developed very quickly compared to industrial solutions. The other surprise was its performance: certain steps of inspection and quality control can be completed up to ten times more quickly in comparison to our purely manual processes.