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Ubiquitous digital data, combined with advances in silicon processing, are enabling the deployment of unprecedented AI techniques

Artificial intelligence.

If data is the oil of the digital economy, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the refinement process that extracts information and fuels business insights. Our expertise in ultra-low-power platforms, embedded neural networks, hierarchical computing and tailored data security and privacy deliver state-of-the-art edge AI systems. We convert digital data into real insight, designing software and hardware products that efficiently collect, process, and securely transmit data. These solutions support IoT, wearables, edge computing, AI, and data science, covering a wide range of applications and industries.

Our work

Unlock the power of data and AI with our solutions portfolio. Here are some examples:

  • Embedded machine learning: the latest machine learning techniques on constrained platforms, optimized to fit the application
  • Ultra-low power: delivering wearable, edge, energy, and IoT applications, with the most demanding requirements in both hardware and software domains
  • Security and data privacy: cryptographic tools and privacy-preserving technology ensure data security and user privacy from the constrained edge all the way to the exposed Cloud
  • Distributed and hierarchical computing: systems and segment data processing optimize the use of available resources whilst ensuring quality
  • Explainable AI: data acquired in clinical trials enables the design, implementation, and validation of classification/predictive models for medical diagnostics and decision support systems, rooted in explainable AI
  • Assisted and efficient data annotation: a unique toolset that addresses the complete data pipeline ranging from smart-selection and annotation of raw data to visualization and management of models and labels
  • Limited data sets: state-of-the-art AI-targeted data sets that would usually be too limited for conventional ML
Ultra low-power ASIC.

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Meet our happy customers

Logo Buhler Groupe

Mario Urbisaglia

Team Manager R&D

CSEM was the ideal partner for this project: expert in intelligent systems and algorithms, pragmatic and flexible when we had to change the data collection plan, and fast. This was our first project with CSEM—and it won’t be the last.

Logo Axetris

Simon Tschupp

Manager, Wafer Process Development

CSEM is experienced in using artificial intelligence, and the platform was developed very quickly compared to industrial solutions. The other surprise was its performance: certain steps of inspection and quality control can be completed up to ten times more quickly in comparison to our purely manual processes.

Logo Stat Peel

Rudolf Bieri


This was a great collaboration with CSEM, enabling us to commercialize a product that some agencies are recommending is adopted as a standard measuring technique.

Logo Definition12

Beat Gersbach


With the help of CSEM we will open up our aphasia app—which provides training for people who have lost their ability to speak due to stroke—to other languages. We believe there will be semantic differences between languages, and this has to be transferred into machine language models of meaningful content.

Logo Stadler

Edouard Barret

Project and Sales Manager Stadler Rail

CSEM’s state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and creative and solution oriented approach enables us to further digitalize our maintenance activities and take them to the next level. Which is important to the long-term fulfilment of our promise to clients: "We make sure it rolls!"

Logo Nano Retina

Rani Mendelewicz


Nano Retina aims to restore functional vision to blind patients who have lost their sight due to retinal degenerative diseases. CSEM’s long experience in ultra-low-power ASIC design was instrumental in allowing us to achieve the required energy budget for our NR600 implant.

Logo Gait Up

Cléo Moulin

Clinical Innovation Manager

Thanks to CSEM’s expertise in wearable sensors, signal processing, and medical devices we will accelerate the launch of a disruptive device blending advanced 3D sensor technology with clinically validated algorithms. This will transform the management of patients with severe motor impairments and reduce healthcare costs.

Logo Agroscope

Thomas Anken

Team Leader Digital Production

CSEM’s know-how in data transmission and treatment of big data were a big gain for the project.