Financial report

CSEM people: Erika and Ivan

CSEM recorded significant new growth

Positioned as a transmission belt between the academic world and industry, CSEM recorded significant new growth over the past year (+7.1%). Several factors fueled this progress, especially the inauguration of a site dedicated to MedTech activities, co-financed by the Canton of Bern, as well as an increase in support from the Swiss Confederation. Together, these generated four growth points. Despite political obstacles between Switzerland and Europe, the relevance of CSEM’s themes and the recognized skills of its teams opened doors to many new European projects, generating a 25% increase in revenue from this source. Although industrial mandates have progressed at a slower pace, the total volume has reached an unprecedented level of 34 million Swiss francs.

The increase in personnel costs (+7.1%) reflects the growth of the teams, driven by the opening of the Bern site and the rapid deployment of our Battery Innovation Hub in Neuchâtel. Other operating expenses have also evolved in line with our development.

The robustness of the balance sheet allows us to view the coming years, a feature of which could be high-level consolidation, with serenity.

Key figures

2023 CSEM financial key figures