Working at CSEM

CSEM wants to attract and grow the brightest talent and is committed to hiring candidates with the required technical and soft skills, who also share our values.

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We are

  • At the interface between research and industry, and at the cutting edge of new technologies. 
  • An innovative, non-profit, impact-oriented, and employee-driven company. 
  • A dynamic, multidisciplinary, and multicultural environment.
  • A melting pot of cultures, skills, knowledge, and experience, creating a rich and versatile work setting.
  • Committed to people as our greatest strength, fostering diversity that enriches us all.
  • A workforce free to cultivate curiosity and individuality, with an open-minded culture allowing ambition a chance to shine.
  • A community of empowered employees, who are confident to think and react differently, advancing the ideas needed to impact change.


Strong values and balanced employee development support the successful development of CSEM. As collaborators, we actively foster innovation, strive for excellence, embody our solid ethics, and resolutely contribute to a fruitful collaboration. 

  • Excellence 
  • Ethics 
  • Innovation 
  • Collaboration
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CSEM offers a nurturing, respectful environment where our people are trusted to work in a way that suits them. We prioritize work-life balance: the opportunity to balance professional and personal life as much as possible, with flexible working hours, part-time roles, the opportunity to work from home, and unpaid leave. 

Generous social insurances and pension fund allowances provide peace of mind for employees. At the same time, a comprehensive training catalog gives our people the chance to improve their business skills, soft skills and/or languages skills. We also actively encourage participation in external and internal conferences. 

CSEM offers health and sports activities designed to improve overall wellness, including health, mind and body conferences, team sports and/or financial contributions. We also run a program to encourage employees to use public or low-impact transportation such as cycling.

Working at CSEM means being part of a passionate community that enables employees to thrive in an atmosphere with strong human values and colleagues who represent every corner of the globe. It means flexibility, attractive working conditions, and great opportunities for both personal and professional development. And it means benefiting from a management style based on trust and feedback, which favors a sustainable work-life balance.

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We are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, color, ancestry, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, age, citizenship, marital status, disability, and gender identity. Diversity brings a greater variety of perspectives and improves creativity and innovation. As an inclusive company, we are proud our employees embody our values.


Our company has a role to play in society by ensuring the continuous evolution of our practices, and by opening its doors to future female talent through conferences and mentoring. CSEM does everything possible to ensure that every employee feels recognized, supported, and valued.

Discover our 2021-2024 Gender equality plan

Our People

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In 2021, we launched a new initiative, ACCELERATE, to further strengthen CSEM start-up activities. It supports all aspects of the venture creation process, providing visibility to intrapreneurs. Two programs support the creation of startups at CSEM: 

1. CSEM INNOGRANTS: Innogrants encourage intrapreneurs to develop business aspects of CSEM technologies. Every year three Innogrants of a maximum of 100 KCHF are budgeted and funded by CSEM.
2. START-UP BOOSTER GRANT: This program is aimed at people outside of CSEM with a technology or business background. We budget five grants each year to support with maturing business ideas based on technologies available at CSEM.