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Leverage biological information to offer personalized therapies: imagine medical treatment customized according to your genetic makeup, health history, gender or even lifestyle!

Gri3D® (SUN bioscience), standardized organoids

Our combination of engineering skills, biological understanding and cutting-edge infrastructure enables us to push the boundaries of life sciences technologies. We bridge disciplines from precision manufacturing to digitalization to develop disruptive biosystems by bringing the patient-in-the-lab and the lab-on-the-patient. From design to technology biovalidation in our biosafety level 2 laboratories, we use the latest advances in cell microsystems, biomonitoring, and lab automation.

Research & development

Our solutions bring together emerging micro-technologies and the biotech/pharma industries to narrow the gap between applied sciences and industrialization.

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Cell microsystems: Organoid-on-plate and single-cell technologies

  • Enable the standardization and parallelization of microphysiological systems on plates and chips
  • Develop solutions to standardize the production, sorting, positioning, maturation, and testing of complex 3D models, which are a game-changer for the personalized medicine, drug discovery, preclinical drug testing, and regenerative medicine
  • Master our cell biosystems to develop novel cellomics technologies, enabling data analytics at the single cell level


  • Create low-cost solutions to measure biomarkers in body fluids and access biological data in real-time, anywhere
  • Develop electrochemical, mechanical, and optoelectronic sensors for application within diagnostics (in vitro and on-body) and cell cultures
  • Harness proprietary low-cost fabrication technologies for sensing, sample preparation, and interface layers

Lab automation

  • Achieve reproducible and valuable results in a broad range of applications, from cell culture systems to diagnostics, through reliable handling and sample preparation
  • Work with smaller sample volumes enables faster results, with fewer materials and reagents consumed
  • Free users from tedious manual work increases scalability, standardization, and reproducibility

Artificial intelligence

  • Extract insights from multi-modal omics data in drug development, biotech and diagnostics
  • Develop interpretable and explainable machine learning algorithms to enhance adoption in clinical and regulated applications
  • Merge omics data with vital sign monitoring and biosensing data for a comprehensive approach to personalized healthcare
Microfluidic Pooling Lid based on CSEM’s Smart Lid platform

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From concept to prototyping, including small series production and manufacturability, we help the life sciences industry to develop new products used in drug testing, tissue engineering, lab of the future and point-of-care diagnostics.

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Meet our happy customers

Logo Adamant Innotech

Xiaoming Tang


Thanks to the established collaboration with CSEM, we were able to rapidly develop a serological test that can simultaneously trace for past infections of COVID-19, influenza, or SARS. The CSEM team supported Adamant Innotech in our bioassay development, plastic chip fabrication, and during the validation phase.

Logo Cellular Highways

Samson Rogers

Co-founder and CEO

Working with CSEM has been excellent. Developing a MEMS device requires not only the right facilities and equipment, but an extremely knowledgeable team with microfabrication processes ready to go.

Logo Cutiss

Vincent Ronfard

Chief Innovation Officer

CSEM provides a complete spectrum of expertise and its multidisciplinary teams are so used to finding practical solutions and managing innovation projects that they act as the glue between all the different stages of the project.

Logo Invenesis

Lucien Rufener

Managing Director

INVENesis provides services for drug discovery to industrial partners in animal health, pharmaceutics, and crop protection. Working with CSEM allowed us to develop a motility trap assay (MTA) for the automated high-throughput screening of drug candidates on parasitic nematodes by assessing their behavioral phenotypes.

Logo Novartis

Hansjörg Keller

Senior Principal Scientist

It was a great pleasure and extremely rewarding to work with CSEM on the development of the first automated human skeletal muscle microphysiological lab system, which screens for the drug compounds that regulate muscle functions, such as force and fatigue.

Logo Sun Bioscience

Sylke Hoehnel

CEO & Co-founder

In addition to its technical skills, CSEM had the advantage of being familiar with the required multidisciplinary approach and has a solid experience in production process engineering.

Logo Swiss Tropical Institute

Daniel Paris

Medical Director, Head of the Department of Medicine

Working with CSEM allowed us to develop and jointly validate a new diagnostic microarray/ sensor device designed for use in low-resource settings. To better promote point of care solutions for everyday life, synergistic partnerships between health experts and technology providers are both mutually beneficial and highly relevant.

Logo Urgo Medical

Julien Steinbrunn

Advanced Research Project Manager

The MEDILIGHT partners have shown the potential of blue light in patient care – and the story is just beginning.

Logo NKT photonics

Carsten Thomsen

Senior VP of Ultrafast Lasers

In the fast-paced field of high-power femtosecond lasers for industrial applications, NKT Photonics teamed up with CSEM to develop a cutting-edge technology. Thanks to the dedication and the good communication within the team, all the objectives have been reached and the technology is now implemented in our commercial systems.

Logo Sigrist Process-Photometer

Alois Amstutz

Managing Director

Working with CSEM is incredibly helpful because they are outside your business and yet focused on exactly the same problems.

Logo Burkert

Frédéric Rufi

Head of Sensor R&D

CSEM’s technology has given us a unique platform for drinking water monitoring and also for industrial, food and beverage, and pharmaceutical applications.