IoT and Vision

Smart sensors. Secure connections.

IoT solutions that reliably and sustainably process, manipulate and operate large quantities of data.

A woman wearing optical combiners in augmented reality devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) spans the world with digital processes and decision centers, enabling digitalization on a global scale across all industries and human activities. IoT devices act as a conduit to acquire and funnel sensor information to back-end algorithms while also locally handling data. We address the constantly evolving requirements of these devices by developing smart, robust, adaptive, and ultra-low-power (ULP) connected platforms, offering standard and customized wireless communication for low latency, real-time, dependable, and scalable communication.

Research and development in IoT and Vision

Our solutions deliver a sustainable IoT eco-system, which enables powerful and eco-friendly digitalization, seamlessly interconnecting smart sensors and actuators. Here are some examples:

  • Flexible and reconfigurable platforms, which use standard and proprietary wireless protocols to probe environmental characteristics, alongside secure and privacy-preserving technologies for pervasive yet ethical smart applications
  • Optimized embedded operating systems and RTOS, with scalable edge processing, and localization
  • Antennas and propagation with eco-friendly identification, sensing and localization using chip-less biodegradable technologies
  • Advanced communication techniques, including MIMO operation, advanced signal/data processing, and machine learning evaluated in the context of robust communications and autonomous operations
  • Indoor positioning systems: advanced real-time positioning systems for people and asset tracking
  • ASICs and RF circuit design with the ultimate blend of performance, cost, miniaturization, and system integration through co-design
  • Innovative sensors, including pH, vision, radar, and vital signs, are integrated with packaging, energy sources, storage, material, and AI features as low-power embedded devices
  • Smart sensor gateways, connecting medical wearables for in-patient and ambulatory vital sign collection, with privacy-preserving real-time streaming over the internet, and data storage in custom-made HDFS databases
  • Edge AI and vision: embedded AI enables smarter IoT capabilities, prioritizing data privacy and intelligent decision-making in real-time environments
  • Metrology with unmatched precision: real-time optical positioning system with multiple degrees of freedom
  • Compact, intelligent smart vision systems, combining miniature optics with edge computing tailored to the most demanding use cases.

For more information on our approach to sustainable electronics, please visit this page or contact us.

Heatmap from a multimodal (audio, video and infrared) system.

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Meet our happy customers

Logo Axetris

Simon Tschupp

Manager, Wafer Process Development

CSEM is experienced in using artificial intelligence, and the platform was developed very quickly compared to industrial solutions. The other surprise was its performance: certain steps of inspection and quality control can be completed up to ten times more quickly in comparison to our purely manual processes.

Logo Lufthansa

Gilad Scherpf

Senior Director Aviation Training

CSEM's expertise in vision systems and artificial intelligence was crucial, as was its ability to steer such a complex project, involving partners with different expertise and in different locations during the COVID pandemic to such a successful conclusion.

Logo Nano Retina

Rani Mendelewicz


Nano Retina aims to restore functional vision to blind patients who have lost their sight due to retinal degenerative diseases. CSEM’s long experience in ultra-low-power ASIC design was instrumental in allowing us to achieve the required energy budget for our NR600 implant.

Logo Swatch Group

Nick Hayek


The new Bluetooth chip we have developed with our long-standing partner CSEM has exceptional features specially designed for small connected objects and above all, of course, watches.

Logo Tesa Hexagon

Fabrice Schertenleib

Managing Director

Working with CSEM has been very helpful technically and also geographically, with our proximity and the advantages of an all-Swiss partnership adding to the project's overall value.

Logo SMS Concast

Guido Michelon

D&T Senior Engineer

When it comes to highly complex development tasks, we need a partner at eye-level, which perfectly understands our plants and offers both profound expertise and optimized service. We especially appreciated CSEM's reliability, flexibility, and wide range of know-how.

Logo Schmid Federnfabrik

Albert Enste


We are experts in spring technology but definitely not in energy harvesting, miniaturization, and digitalization. That's why we need help from CSEM to develop this new kind of intelligent spring that will make machine failures and costly production interruptions a thing of the past.

Logo Saia Burgess Controls

Konstantinos Kafandaris

Manager of the Controller & Interfaces business unit

Saia-Burgess Controls has teamed with CSEM in several successful innovation projects. This collaboration has been very stimulating, engaging, and fruitful.

Logo Oticon

Fin Möhring


We have selected CSEM’s IP because of its remarkable performance and quality. Furthermore, we’ve received excellent support from CSEM’s design team which is fundamental when you’re developing a product as advanced as Oticon OpnTM.

Logo Meggitt

Bertrand Pichon

Research & Technology Manager

This excellent collaboration with CSEM has led to an enabling sensing technology platform with potential in a viation and beyond.

Logo EM Microelectronic

Michel Willemin


Our EM9301, a Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) controller, is yet another example of the fertile collaboration we have enjoyed with CSEM for decades.

Logo Agroscope

Thomas Anken

Team Leader Digital Production

CSEM’s know-how in data transmission and treatment of big data were a big gain for the project.