Additive manufacturing

Realize boundless imagination

Advanced design concepts and tools, combined with unique material processing expertise, enable optimized and functionalized components with superior added value.

Compliant mechanism made of interlocked lattice structure

Additive manufacturing (AM) is shaping a new era of technologies. Customizable, complex, and accurate, it enables components to be shaped into any form or geometry from a variety of materials. We have the in-house design and process knowledge, based on our 30 years’ experience in product development and validation testing, to develop and manufacture precision AM products on a range of scales to create new and exciting 3D constructs. Our domain expertise and hybrid technology capabilities allow us to exploit every part of the AM ecosystem. Advanced design prototyping and preproduction of components, backed by powerful digital technologies and a state-of-the-art infrastructure, unlock new horizons of creativity.

Our work

Our solutions will open the door to the vast potential of AM:

Precision mechanics

  • Designing topologically optimized structural parts and compliant mechanisms
  • Developing hybrid manufacturing processes to produce very small mm range, high-accuracy metallic components

Integrated functions

  • Designing parts with embedded functionalities, such as mechanical compliance, vibration damping or electric and sensing capabilities to simplify assemblies and increase part added value.
  • Developing hybrid manufacturing processes involving LPBF, aerosol jet printing and subtractive machining to produce parts with embedded electric and sensing functions.

Process development for enabling materials

Developing AM process parameters and post-processing strategies for high-performance, advanced material, such as

  • INVAR36 for low CTE parts
  • Shape memory alloys for 4D structures
  • Metal matrix composites for lightweight and high specific strength parts
  • Bio-compatible polymer parts involved in life science and medtech applications (micro- and mesofluidic devices, fixtures, etc.)
Aerosol jet printer Copyright 2022 CSEM

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We can help you enhance parts performance, courtesy of our state-of-the-art materials, advanced design skills and refined processes. Add value to parts through integration of functions, as well as smart design, enabled by the unique AM processes we develop. The design freedom of AM benefits multiple fields including medical, instrumentation, aerospace, and watchmaking.

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