Helping make sustainability a reality

We have extensive experience in combining photovoltaic (PV), battery, and energy management solutions. That puts us in a unique position to help our partners meet the needs of today without compromising those of tomorrow.

Digital universe with numbers and lights

We focus on providing our partners with industry-driven and application-oriented research in the energy field. Our insights are powering the development new of PV cells, modules, and systems, as well as battery solutions to accelerate the transition towards sustainable energies and enhance long-term performance, cost, and efficiency.

We are actively driving innovations along the entire sustainable energy value chain, from production and storage, to management and use.

Getting the best out of PV

Our R&D activities are helping design and create materials, cells, processing, modules, and systems not only designed for higher efficiency but also tailored to applications in building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics (VIPV) and tailored applications for niche markets. This means we can offer full solutions to a wider range of partners including equipment manufacturing, PV cells, modules and systems manufacturing, battery cell, pack and systems manufacturing, energy utilities and architects, among others.

Intelligent Battery Management System

Experts in battery development

Using our existing infrastructure, CSEM can characterize, analyze, and develop prototype battery system components. We cover the entire value chain including coatings, electrode and electrolyte development, cell modeling, battery testing, post-mortem analysis, BMS prototyping, and system level analysis

Wooden house with brown solar panels

Effective energy management

We are also experts when it comes to developing, testing, and operating innovative energy (electricity, heat, gas) management systems (EMS) at district scale focusing on energy efficiency, use optimization and cost reduction. Our industrially proven software solution allows the best use of energy at any point in time, based on weather forecasts, demand forecast, and energy costs.

Our solution is scalable and can integrate new elements, such as EVs and heat pump management, to achieve a cost reduction of between 10% and 30%.

The innovative and autonomous energy management systems we are helping build are accelerating the transition to sustainable energy and a low-carbon economy.

Artificial intelligence for energy application

We also have expertise in developing digital energy applications using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our team specializes in high-resolution PV production forecasting, demand-side flexibility provision for power grids, and predictive maintenance based on anomaly detection.

All of our solutions are adaptable to different customers and environments, and our data science expertise can be leveraged to enhance other digital energy applications.

Meet our happy customers

Logo Ville Neuchâtel

Antoine Benacloche

Head of Engineering

CSEM is always a very good partner and this project is particularly important for us—and for all industrial settings—because it aims to change thinking as well as help produce more energy from renewable sources and use less energy overall.

Logo Tissot

Sylvain Dolla


Autonomy via solar energy and independence via a Swiss digital platform were the guiding principles for our new watch, and CSEM—with its decades of experience accelerating innovation and industrialization in photovoltaics and low-power systems—proved an ideal multidisciplinary partner for this exciting project.

Logo Solaxess

Sébastien Eberhard

Founder & CEO

CSEM did a tremendous job helping us to develop films of all colors, which have positioned Solaxess well in a market that expects a CAGR of over 30% in the next three to four years and will enable progress toward the objective of near–net zero buildings.

Logo Schmid Federnfabrik

Albert Enste


We are experts in spring technology but definitely not in energy harvesting, miniaturization, and digitalization. That's why we need help from CSEM to develop this new kind of intelligent spring that will make machine failures and costly production interruptions a thing of the past.

Logo Renata

Daniel Hunziker

Head of Strategic Projects

Working with CSEM has meant being able to draw on broad-based competencies and innovative thinking in order to bring the goal of technology leadership within reach.

Logo Meyer Burger

Marcel König

Head of Research & Development

In the first year of our collaboration with CSEM we saw that it was a very special relationship because CSEM’s scientists are not only expert and flexible, they also understand that the processes and technologies they develop must be capable of being mass-produced.

Logo Iter Tokamak

Christian Ingesson

Fusion for Energy

CSEM overcame the technical challenges of working with unknown materials and unconventional product designs. We established a good collaborative spirit, which allowed us to consider alternatives and agree on the steps to take in order to develop the sensors.