Security and safety

Real world solutions. Real world protection.

We believe that technology should always improve people’s lives. Often this means helping them feel safer and more confident as they go about their daily activities.

Two security cameras in an urban setting

At CSEM, we are developing new methods of perceiving, analyzing, and processing information that can be used in a range of security and safety applications – from accident prevention in transport and data protection to combatting counterfeiting.

Protecting individuals from harm

Our solutions including the Limmex emergency call watch and our fall-detection sensors help safeguard individuals from the consequences of assault or accidents.

We also develop passenger safety solutions, including smart unobtrusive vision sensors to monitor pilot and driver awareness as well as localization systems that facilitate the rapid evacuation of passengers on cruise liners or oil platforms.

Blue digital fingerprint

Security and data privacy

Data will play an essential role in future security systems. CSEM has developed cryptographic tools and privacy-preserving technology, ensuring data security and user privacy from the constrained Edge all the way to the exposed cloud.

We create state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) systems at the Edge through our expertise in ultra-low-power platforms, embedded neural networks, hierarchical computing, and tailored data security and privacy.

Hacker wearing a black hood, sitting in front of a computer

In effort an to improve interaction and use of public spaces while being respectful of people’s right to anonymity, we have a privacy-preserving, people-tracking algorithm. Anonymity is ensured thanks to our unique re-identification algorithm.

To enhance traceability, we are also using the special optical features in official or ID documents to help prevent counterfeiting, or non-visible optical sensing to detect hidden information. These technologies can also be used to trace legitimate medicines and stop the flow of counterfeit medication that harms both patients as well as the reputation of the company that produces the legitimate product.

Meet our happy customers

Logo u-nica

Jonas Reinhardt

Director of U-NICA Micronics AG

By measuring fluorescence lifetime, U-NICA is able to offer its customers an additional verification parameter, which is unique for each fluorescent dye. This leads to a much higher security and opens new possibilities for unique customer codes.

Logo SMS Concast

Guido Michelon

D&T Senior Engineer

When it comes to highly complex development tasks, we need a partner at eye-level, which perfectly understands our plants and offers both profound expertise and optimized service. We especially appreciated CSEM's reliability, flexibility, and wide range of know-how.

Logo Schurter

Bruno Zemp

Head Advanced Engineering

CSEM has huge experience of laser cutting and packaging technologies and we knew this would be vital to a good solution. It’s always a pleasure to work with CSEM and share information and interesting discussions—collaborations between CSEM and SCHURTER have been successful for many years.

Logo Saia Burgess Controls

Konstantinos Kafandaris

Manager of the Controller & Interfaces business unit

Saia-Burgess Controls has teamed with CSEM in several successful innovation projects. This collaboration has been very stimulating, engaging, and fruitful.

Logo Melexis

Damien Macq

Business Unit Manager—Wireless

We leveraged the excellent collaboration with CSEM, including enabling the transfer of know-how that will allow us to use this project as a technology platform for future circuit developments.