Information and communication technologies (ICT)

Experts in hardware, software, and systems integration

Wireless connectivity as well as mobile and optical communications have transformed the way we live. From wearable technologies and IoT to robust aerospace use cases and PICs for optical communication, we’re helping to create solutions for the most challenging applications.

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CSEM has spearheaded the field of wireless communication for more than 20 years, including leading the world’s first demonstration of the Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS).

Enabling better global conversations

Today, we provide the RF transceivers, antennas and wireless power transfer needed for a low-power, miniaturized, robust system of communication, as well as standard protocols and optimized mesh-network protocols for critical wireless sensor networks, supported by end-to-end security. We recently started developing lithium niobate on insulator (LNOI) Photonics Integrated circuits (PICs) which is anticipated to revolutionize optical communications.

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Supporting a range of complex applications

We develop technologies across the wireless spectrum, from RFID and NFC to ISM, GNSS, Bluetooth, and Zigbee to UWB and radar. Our work is integral to a huge range of applications, including medical implants and hearing aids, wireless sensor networks that enable more efficient resource usage, and wearable sensors and smartwatches, underpinned by cybersecurity.

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Solutions that give our partners the edge

CSEM is also active in optical communication, positioning systems, and characterization. This includes developing high-performance connectors, lenses, and micro-lenses, low-cost pigtailing, high-frequency LNOI PICs, and ultra-low-noise lasers. In combination with our leading MEMS technology and packaging capabilities, we provide our partners a significant edge over their competition.

Meet our happy customers

Logo Sercalo Microtechnology

Cornel Marxer


CSEM offers us a professional service for both manufacturing and development, which keeps us at the top of this high-tech field. We are very happy with this partnership.

Logo Fujitsu

Masahiro Chijiiwa

Executive Vice President

By working with CSEM we will be able to develop an ecosystem that makes the benefits of our best-in-class low-voltage technology widely available to our partners.

Logo EM Microelectronic

Michel Willemin


Our EM9301, a Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth Low Energy) controller, is yet another example of the fertile collaboration we have enjoyed with CSEM for decades.

Logo Eblana Photonics

Richard Phelan

Head of laser design

We’ve had several projects with CSEM, which have advanced our semiconductor laser products substantially and opened up new commercial opportunities in the area of low linewidth lasers for lidar applications. The discussions with the experts at CSEM have provided us with many new ideas as well as valuable feedback for different applications such as metrology and sensing.