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Super-efficient, fast, and powerful quantum technologies enhance security, reliability and accuracy.

4x4x1.9 mm³ Rb vapor cell.

Our extensive experience in physics, ASIC design, hi-res microscopy, manufacturing, packaging, and system integration, as well as our development of miniaturized atomic clocks, make CSEM the perfect candidate to create highly efficient quantum sensors. Using non-classical light and atomic properties, coupled with new photonic technologies and miniaturization, the potential of quantum technologies is huge. This paves the way for future products, such as medical devices, IoT and high-precision navigation, with unprecedented levels of performance.

Our work

Our solutions have the potential to be game changers for businesses in a range of sectors. Here are some examples of what we are doing:

  • Increasing the technology readiness level (TRL) of our unique, patented flat form-factor miniature atomic clock physics package
  • Simplifying assembly/packaging solutions and developing vacuum encapsulation to reduce power consumption and production costs
  • Improving the reliability of the system to allow smooth transfer of technology to industry
  • Preparing the next generation of compact and high-performing atomic clocks by moving from microwaves towards optical atomic transitions
  • Increasing TRL of our unique and patented MEMS atomic vapor cell fabrication processes to improve performance while decreasing fabrication time and costs
  • Customizing MEMS cells for magnetometers and gyroscopes, alongside new applications like sensors and imagers in the GHz/THz domains and gas sensors
  • Reducing power consumption atomic clock driving electronics (ASIC)
  • Developing and testing quantum light sources to enhance image quality using spatiotemporal quantum correlations
A scientist using a 4x4x1.9 mm³ Rb vapor cell.

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Quantum technologies have the potential to be more reliable, sensitive, precise, efficient, and powerful than conventional alternatives. We are at the forefront of their development, exploiting the many benefits quantum solutions offer. From metrology, sensing, and communication to security, health, and navigation, the possibilities that the revolutionary quantum domain could deliver for your business are worth discovering.

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Mikkel Heuck

Research Scientist Quantum Photonics Laboratory

We are strong supporters of CSEM’s efforts to build up a foundry service for lithium niobate integrated photonics since we believe it will have a major impact on both industry and the scientific community. It is really a fortunate situation for us to get in early and work with CSEM as their capabilities expand and accelerate our research in integrated quantum photonics.