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Our research programs

Digital Technologies

The digital revolution fueled by emerging technologies like IoT, Industry 4.0, edge computing and quantum technology is driving transformation in every sector of the global economy. Smart interconnected systems are capturing and analyzing data on a colossal scale and empowering businesses to reinvent established processes, drive efficiencies across their value chains and explore new ways of creating value.
At CSEM, we see ourselves as enablers. We help convert digital dreams into real products by providing state-of-the-art IoT, wearables, edge computing, artificial intelligence, and industry 4.0 solutions. Our research is contributing to more personalized health treatment, smarter energy systems, safer production processes and quantum technology that is achieving unprecedented levels of sensitivity and accuracy.

Precision Manufacturing

As systems and devices in our everyday lives become smaller, they need to be able to do more with less power. Our precision engineering research is pioneering innovations in techniques like 3D printing, lasers, sensors, printed electronics, surface coatings and more. We are helping micromanufacturing in Europe develop specialized products and implement flexible, autonomous and augmented production facilities.
Working across the fields of sensor technologies, lasers, robotics, and AM, our research is bringing innovative ideas to life and finding ways to scale them into solutions that push precision engineering to new heights while also minimizing cost and waste. Working with our partners, CSEM creates tailored, specialized solutions that help businesses address challenges, mitigate risks, and take on new opportunities.

Sustainable Energy

Creating a more sustainable future requires new approaches, innovative technology, and collaboration. Our research is at the forefront of technological and digital energy developments across the renewables and energy management sectors. Our solutions are helping businesses adapt and thrive by optimizing their approaches to integrating, storing, monitoring, controlling, and maintaining renewables.
Our innovations are driving the wider adoption of renewable energies such as smart grid automation and storage, enabling better energy savings and increasing the performance of photovoltaic panels. We believe it is possible to create energy systems that service the needs of today without compromising tomorrow. That’s why CSEM’s connected, integrated energy management solutions preserve the natural environment, drive economic development, and advance innovation across the energy sector.

Industry Focus

Grey car driving on a straight road, green landscape

Automotive and transportation

CSEM supports emission reductions in the road, sea, and rail transport sectors through the optimization of efficiency and the design of innovative solutions.

Digital universe with numbers and lights


Our experience in PV and energy management helps us provide our partners with innovative solutions to the energy issues they face.

Satellite flying over the earth

Space and aeronautics

From space exploration to LiDAR, CSEM is helping expand humanity’s horizons with our precision engineering solutions.

Integrated circuit in night mode


With our decades of experience in ultra-low-power ASIC design, CSEM is helping companies push semiconductor performance and create better products

Digital coding 1 - 0

Information and communication technologies (ICT)

We’ve been at the forefront of innovative information communications technologies (ICT) for over 20 years.

Close-up of a large amount of wheat grains

Food and agriculture

In collaboration with Agroscope, we are creating solutions for the optimization of the food supply chain.

Two male engineers working on a petrol platform

Industrial automation

CSEM provides machine-learning techniques which enable exceptional automation and inspection tasks, using intelligent control and sensor fusion ideal for a broad range of applications, including sensor-integrated robotic tools.

CSEM's healthcare technology

Healthcare, wellness and sport

From digital health to wearable technologies, we are helping to optimize healthcare and create better outcomes for patients and caregivers

Two security cameras in an urban setting

Security and safety

Our security and safety technologies aim to protect people from physical harm as well as from fraud and cybercrime

Electrical car charging in a environment-friendly residential area

Smart homes and buildings

CSEM offers IoT blocks for smart houses and building solutions, tailored and optimized for the most stringent application requirements, including real-time, secure, reliable, autonomous, and low latency.

Man typing on a keyboard

Consumer electronics

CSEM’s work in consumer electronics helps reduce battery size and provide the miniaturized components needed for products for personal and home use.

Mechanical watch, flexure-based escapement with high-power reserve


Since 1984, CSEM has pushed watch technology forward with innovative technologies, materials, and manufacturing processes that enable a new generation of timepieces

Two people standing on top of a wind turbine, green landscape.


CSEM is supporting the cleantech industry as it develops better air, water, and soil monitoring solutions to help reduce the impact of industry on the environment.

Female lab worker wearing purple gloves

Life sciences

Biotechnology and microtechnology are helping to transform the life sciences sector, drive supply chain efficiencies and provide better outcomes for patients.

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Tailored services

CSEM minimizes the time between IP conception and MVP through cutting edge R&D and technology development services

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