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IP policy

We value innovation, collaboration, and the protection of Intellectual Property (IP). We want to ensure a smooth and productive collaboration with you, so we have outlined our IP policy below. It summarizes how we handle both Background IP and Foreground IP during our projects. 

Licensing of CSEM's background IP

Background IP comprises IP rights that were in existence before the start of a project. We offer royalty-bearing, non-exclusive licenses for our Background IP, enabling you to incorporate our established IP into your projects seamlessly.

Access to CSEM's foreground IP

Foreground IP is IP rights that are developed during a project. You are automatically entitled to obtain licenses on the project results. Our licensing terms depend on several factors, such the field of use, the product or service covered, whether exclusive or non-exclusive rights are granted, and the duration of the patents. Therefore, we negotiate the terms on a case-by-case basis.


Management of confidientiality

We take confidentiality seriously and we follow these measures to protect your information:

Access to confidential project information

  • We store information  only in project folders (never in local PC or private folders)
  • We restrict access to folders to those who need to know (no default group access).
  • We also limit physical access to sites, labs, and offices to CSEM employees.

Regular confidentiality, IP and cybersecurity training

  • We train all employees regularly  on cyber-security, IP, and confidentiality essentials.
  • Project managers and other employees in close contact with clients must complete a dedicated training on confidentiality, renewed every two years.