The spring revolutionizing industrial efficiency

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A self-monitoring and communicating spring

At the core of Federnfabrik Schmid AG’s i-spring® lies CSEM’s unparalleled expertise in sensing systems. By seamlessly integrating sensors with a physical spring, CSEM has empowered Federnfabrik Schmid to create an embedded self-monitoring and communicating spring. This intelligent device significantly enhances the reliability and safety of springs by identifying potential issues and enabling proactive, predictive maintenance, resulting in reduced downtime and generating cost savings. Additionally, it collects valuable data for condition monitoring.

CSEM infused the i-spring® with digital features using low-power embedded sensors and electronics that monitor the strain applied to the spring. As a result, the i-spring® wirelessly transmits its real-time status, using an energy-efficient and data-smart approach. “Our sophisticated software and aging algorithms are also a driving force behind the i-spring®. The algorithms know how to prioritize tasks, ensuring everything gets a fair share. The spring itself becomes a manager, handling its own duties efficiently and reliably, and our software allows operators to view the spring’s health status on their smart devices,” says Cédric Hennemann, Project Manager for Integrated and Wireless Systems at CSEM.

Additionally, CSEM’s contribution to the miniaturization of the sensor antenna—a critical component ensuring seamless wireless communication—was instrumental in its success.

Beyond its digital capabilities, the i-spring® also brings both safety and environmental advantages. By preventing spring failures, it reduces the risks of work-related accidents, helps minimize downtime, and lowers costs by cutting waste, thereby reducing companies’ ecological footprint.

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