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CSEM is an internationally recognized Swiss innovation leader that develops and transfers disruptive technologies with a high societal impact and multiple industry applications.

Photovoltaics cells for wearable devices.

Facing the challenges of our time

Founded in 1984 and headquartered in Neuchâtel, CSEM is an internationally recognized innovation specialist with over 600 employees across six locations in Switzerland and more than 200 registered patents. We develop disruptive technologies with a high societal impact in the fields of precision manufacturing, digitalization, ultra-low-power electronics, optical elements, AI, and sustainable energy. We then transfer these innovations to industry partners in a variety of sectors, including renewable energy, healthcare, watchmaking, and aerospace, or encourage start-up creations.

As a public-private, non-profit organization, our mission is to support the innovation of Swiss companies and strengthen the economy through ongoing collaboration with leading universities, research institutes, and industrial partners.






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CSEM’s purpose

We believe smart technological solutions are part of the answer to the complex environmental, economic, and social challenges we face. Working alongside academia and industry, we transfer game-changing innovations from lab to market and help our customers to develop impacting products and digital services that leverage our deep scientific, engineering and manufacturing expertise.

We are rigorous in our science, precise in our approach, and always inspired by the possibilities of collaboration and creativity. That way we don’t just have to dream of a brighter future – we can roll our sleeves up and help build it.

Map of CSEM sites in Switzerland

Local presence, global reach

With six sites across the country, CSEM is firmly embedded in Switzerland. That means our customers have access to local Swiss contacts and resources as well as our broader network of international partners. It’s a key reason we enjoy high levels of customer satisfaction.

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Gri3D® (SUN bioscience), standardized organoids

Awards and certifications

CSEM is recognized as an ISO-certified innovation vector in providing technology platforms that enable significant scientific and creative breakthroughs in today's world. Our products, solutions, and equality policies have been honored in Switzerland and around the world. Our commercialized technologies are innovation in action. They add value to industry partners and enhance the competitiveness of the Swiss economy.

CSEM’s recognition by prestigious international organizations, demonstrates our standing in the world of international research. It reinforces our esteemed position among our peers, which is crucial to our vision of networked innovation.

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CSEM building in Neuchâtel

History and start-ups

In the early 1980s, there was a genuine concern that Switzerland was losing ground to its neighbors when it came to developing new technologies. However, the federal council had a visionary plan. It created a private research and development center, and, in 1984, the CSEM success story began.

Since then, we have an award-winning track record of collaborating with thousands of companies and creating more than 50 start-up businesses and spin-offs, with several successful buyouts.

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Alexandre Pauchard, CEO of CSEM, and Claude Nicollier, Chairman of CSEM and former astronaut


CSEM is a public–private research and technology organization (RTO). We enhance the competitiveness of Swiss industry by collaborating with our extended network in academia, research, and the economy. The center is governed by a carefully balanced combination of its Board of Directors, its Executive Board, and its Scientific Advisory Board.

Around one-quarter of CSEM shares are publicly held, by the ETH domain (Swiss federal institutes of technology and related research bodies), and therefore by the Swiss Confederation, and by the canton or the town of Neuchâtel. The remaining three-quarters are held by leading organizations from across Switzerland’s industries and economy. 

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Annual report

Find out more about our financial performance and how CSEM is making a real-world positive impact by downloading our latest annual report here.

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