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Banner CSEMnext Jura

17 June 2024

CSEMnext: IA au service de la production industrielle

(French only) L’IA est un allié de taille pour la digitalisation de la production. Entre mythes et réalités, les experts de Alpamayo Solutions et du CSEM dresseront un état des lieux et des perspectives.

loog Switzerland Innovation Park OST

20 June 2024

The Future of Health Data Monitoring

The event is dedicated to innovations in health data monitoring through wearable devices, known as “Wearables”. CSEM expert Fabian Braun will give a talk about «Unobtrusive Long-Term Monitoring Using Wearables».

Banner Tech-Talk Software updates for endpoint security 2024-06-24

24 June 2024

Software updates for endpoint security

Join our cybersecurity webinar. Discover how secure firmware updates for wearables, sensors, and machines ensure longevity. Learn about cutting-edge solutions and witness live secure software update demonstrations.

Banner EFTF 2024

25 June 2024 - 27 June 2024

EFTF 2024

Explore the Future of Time and Frequency: join EFTF 2024 in Neuchâtel! The 37th edition, hosted by CSEM and its local partners, promises a unique blend of oral and poster scientific presentations and an engaging commercial exhibition.

Logo of the fmpro Symposium 2024

27 June 2024

fmpro Symposium 2024

fmpro Symposium 2024, the community event for the facility management and maintenance industry, is scheduled for Thursday, June 27, 2024. CSEM expert Mario Russi will held a presentation in German entitled "KI als Chance für die Maintenance?"

Banner CSEMnext Landquart

27 June 2024

CSEMnext: Nachhaltig, effizient & smart

(German only) Energieeffizienz und Ressourcenschonung dank smarter Sensorik und Algorithmik: Unser nächster CSEMnext Anlass zeigt das Potential nachhaltiger Technologien vom ökonomischen Bedürfnis bis zum ökologischen Produkt.

Banner DeepTech Dynamics event / start-up club

4 July 2024

Unlock the secrets of Deep Tech start-ups

Explore the challenges faced by start-up entrepreneurs. Learn from leaders like Patrick Griss, experience Marie Didier’s art-tech fusion, and see Mattia Bertschi’s health tech innovation.

Banner Solar & Storage Live Zurich

17 September 2024 - 18 September 2024

Solar & Storage Live Zürich

Don't miss CSEM's Matthieu Despeisse's lecture about the evolution of PV technologies in Zurich! Together, let's promote innovation and progress in this field and actively contribute to a more sustainable energy future.

Banner POCDX 2024

4 October 2024

7th symposium in Point-of-Care Diagnostics

Get ready for an enriching experience filled with cutting-edge discussions, networking opportunities, and insights into the latest advancements in Point-of-Care Diagnostics. Zürich, with its vibrant atmosphere and technological hub, provides the perfect backdrop for an engaging and fruitful symposium.

Past events

14 June 2024

IoT Zurich: towards resilient, interoperable, and secure IoT

CSEM will join IoT Visions in Zurich with a booth presentation and is looking forward talking about possible paths toward a more sober and sustainable deployment of light IoT devices.

Banner MPS 2024

10 June 2024 - 14 June 2024

MPS World Summit 2024

Join CSEM on our booth at MPS World Summit in Seattle, and discover our standardized solutions to narrow the gap between applied sciences and industrialization of organ-on-chip systems.

Banner EMBEC 2024

9 June 2024 - 13 June 2024

EMBEC 2024

EMBEC unites engineers, physicists, biologists, and medical experts to merge disciplines and advance scientific frontiers in a dynamic forum. Meet CSEM's Josias Wacker during session #15 and learn how to optimize healthcare!

Full conference room, speaker on a stage

5 June 2024

Additive manufacturing trends: Insight & Workshop

The Innovation Booster Additive Manufacturing (IBAM) and CSEM invite you to learn more about the state of AM technology and discuss upcoming trends with experts in a short workshop.

Banner Industrie 2025 - 2024 event

4 June 2024

Industrie Forum 2025 & Workshop

The Industry 4.0 community will meet for the 11th time in Brugg-Windisch - don't miss the opportunity to attend CSEM's workshop about " Radical innovation for the Swiss Industry" with Francesco Crivelli and Alexander Steinecker!

Logo StartUp Days SUD

30 May 2024

Startup days 2024

Startup days (SUD) are the nationwide business and networking platform for startups, investors, SMEs and corporates in Switzerland. Visit CSEM's booth & learn more about the digital transformation in start-ups during Marie Didier, Serge Morisod and Bahaa Roustom's lecture!

Banner AI for good

30 May 2024 - 31 May 2024

AI for good

More than a Summit, more than a movement, AI for Good is presented as a year round digital platform where AI innovators and problem owners learn, build and connect to help identify practical AI solutions to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Event banner - Nextgen Cell omics

28 May 2024

Next-gen single-cell omics workshop 2024

Join us for the next-gen single-cell omics workshop! This workshop is a one-day, single-track event that will connect you with the leaders and innovators in the field of single-cell analysis.

Banner Vivatech 2024

22 May 2024 - 25 May 2024

Viva Technology 2024

Watches, chocolate, and… swisstech! The Swiss Pavillon will showcase innovative technologies which address issues and needs related to the sports sector: accessibility, inclusiveness, sports performance and much more!