Automotive and transportation

Sustainable solutions for land, sea, and air

Reducing global emissions requires better fuel efficiency of vehicles as well as improvements to transportation-related infrastructures. We are supporting European organizations with low-weight materials and structures as well as smaller and smarter sensors.

Grey car driving on a straight road, green landscape

CSEM is supporting the development and implementation of a range of solutions that make it simpler for companies in the automotive and transportation sectors to reduce the emissions of their vehicles, enhance the efficiency of their infrastructure, and even increase safety.

Boat, helicopter and ferry in an urban environment

Innovative wireless solutions

Working with our European partners, our wireless solutions have a range of potential uses. The Lynceus project is providing compact, low-power wireless devices that enable faster and better organized emergency procedures at sea.

On the roads, our wireless sensor networks (WSN) are being applied to the localization of cars in parking lots and helping guarantee the integrity of bridges by calculating the stress and strain exerted on suspension cables in real time.

Male worker fixing a train.

Updating railway infrastructure

Our WSNs also measure and survey railway infrastructure and trains to detect potential failures faster and with more accuracy. As part of the RailCheck project, we are working with the Swiss Federal Railway to combine machine learning with image and data processing to automate the process of rail defect detection.

Meet our happy customers

Gilad Scherpf

Senior Director Aviation Training

CSEM's expertise in vision systems and artificial intelligence was crucial, as was its ability to steer such a complex project, involving partners with different expertise and in different locations during the COVID pandemic to such a successful conclusion.

Logo Lufthansa

Marie-Thérèse Ivorra

Site General Manager, Nyon

RUAG Aerospace has come to fully appreciate CSEM's experience and high level of competence in the design and simulation of high-precision space mechanisms integrating flexible structures.

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Albert Enste


We are experts in spring technology but definitely not in energy harvesting, miniaturization, and digitalization. That's why we need help from CSEM to develop this new kind of intelligent spring that will make machine failures and costly production interruptions a thing of the past.

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Edouard Barret

Project and Sales Manager Stadler Rail

CSEM’s state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms and creative and solution oriented approach enables us to further digitalize our maintenance activities and take them to the next level. Which is important to the long-term fulfilment of our promise to clients: "We make sure it rolls!"

Logo Stadler

Damien Macq

Business Unit Manager—Wireless

We leveraged the excellent collaboration with CSEM, including enabling the transfer of know-how that will allow us to use this project as a technology platform for future circuit developments.

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Bertrand Pichon

Research & Technology Manager

This excellent collaboration with CSEM has led to an enabling sensing technology platform with potential in a viation and beyond.

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