Message from Claude Nicollier and Alexandre Pauchard

Meeting the challenges of our time

At the service of society and industry, CSEM is work- ing tirelessly to meet the challenges of our time. In 2021, our ability to transfer deep technologies that deliver tangible societal impacts was exemplified by our collaboration with the Zurich-based company CUTISS.

The partnership received an EARTO Innovation Award 2021, for the development of the world’s first automated machine for skin graft production, an advance that brings hope to those living with burn injuries and has created high-value-added jobs.

Firmly focused on supporting business innovation, CSEM also enhanced its number of industrial collaborations during 2021, increasing private contributions by 23%. The organization remained focused on its three priority research areas: precision manufacturing, digital technologies, and sustainable energy. The coherence of these research pillars and the convergence of their technologies create important innovative advantages that benefit our customers and society.

CSEM’s development strategy also involves the digitization of our partners’ products and services, which enables us to valorize our technological building blocks. In digital health, specifically in wearable medical devices, our digital technologies are helping to enhance patient quality of life while also creating jobs in our partner companies. CSEM's new office, located close to University Hospital Bern, illustrates our continued growth, and our commitment to develop in this domain. In industry meanwhile, our efforts have led to improved product quality, reduced environmental impact, and increased margins. And in the energy domain our work is helping to optimize resource use, thus reducing waste.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to our employees for their resilience, passion, expertise, and unfailing commitment to CSEM. We would also like to express our sincere thanks to our clients, partners, and suppliers, and to the Swiss Confederation and the Cantons for their precious support. Let’s build a better world for future generations, together.