Automated organoid-on-plate technology

Transforming pharma & biotech R&D with advanced organoid solutions

CSEM’s organoid-on-plate tactical roadmap:  production, sorting, positioning, maturation, and analysis.

Our organoid-on-plate tactical roadmap is designed to transform pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and diagnostic applications.

By developing automated and standardized solutions, we enhance the production, sorting, positioning, maturation, and analysis of organoid technology integral to drug discovery, tissue engineering, and diagnostic procedures.

Harnessing key competencies in microphysiological systems and organ-on-chip technology

Automated microphysiological systems and organ-on-chip are developed for complex 3D models on plate and chip from design to biovalidation. The complex 3D models range from spheroids, microtissues, organoids, tumor organoids, assembloids to cuboids.

Our innovative approach integrates advanced organoid technologies with R&D processes, paving the way for accelerated drug discovery and development in the pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors.

YOU-ON-CHIP platform: standardization & automation of handling, monitoring, and exposure of organoids

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