Online bioreactor monitoring

Real-time and remote controlled bioreactor monitoring on pH, glucose, and lactate CSEM offers electro-chemical sensors solution. In collaboration with C-CIT AG, CiTSense technology disposable sensors have reached commercial level.


Biotech and pharmaceutical companies need accurate information about pH during their bioprocesses—the value ultimately affects productivity, stability and product quality. Lab technicians can now measure the variable by removing samples from bioreactors and evaluating them by external analysis. This is a labor-intensive approach that disturbs cell cultures. Optical pH sensors are available to monitor values continuously in a limited range of pH, which can be a limitation for certain culture types, such as bacterial, for example. In cooperation with CSEM a next generation of pH sensor was developed combining screen-printed electrodes and pH sensitive layers. The electrochemical pH sensor that covers a wide range of pH, combined with continuous monitoring.

The know-how of CSEM in functionalizing sensor surfaces opens the possibilities in measuring other parameters, such as glucose, glutamate, uric acid, and lactate.

The electrochemical sensors for bioreactor monitoring can be adapted for monitoring of both traditional and micro-bioreactors. They have been integrated in an automated fluidic handling device for automated sampling and at-line monitoring, and can be used as part of a control system.


Disposable Sensors for On-Line Monitoring in Disposable Bioreactors

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CSEM Scientific & Technical Report 2013