Switzerland leads the way in watchmaking innovation: Mastering “resonance” with flexure blade technology

Armin Strom’s Mirrored Force Resonance masterpiece© Armin Strom

Armin Strom’s Mirrored Force Resonance masterpiece

Armin Strom is a powerhouse in the world of luxury mechanical watches because of its mastery of synchronizing watch oscillators, known as the “resonance phenomenon”. In 2016, their Mirrored Force Resonance timepiece revolutionized watchmaking forever. The watch features two balance wheels that oscillate harmoniously but in opposite directions, allowing for near-perfect timekeeping. Since the release of this watch, the company has equipped 21 of its luxury watches with dual balance wheels and CSEM is a unique part of this milestone in watchmaking.

Role of the resonance phenomenon in timekeeping devices

Flexure blade coupling spring© Armin Strom - Flexure blade coupling spring

Clock synchronization was first discovered in the 17th century by Dutchman Christiaan Huygens. In his experiment on the “sympathy” of pendulum clocks, he found that objects with a natural rhythm eventually synchronize. Armin Strom has taken this principle and transferred it to the modern age by creating “sympathy” in their clocks, through the double balance wheels and their specially developed and patented flexure blade coupling spring. In the latest models of this coupling spring, CSEM has applied its 35 years of knowledge in flexure technologies.

Flexure blade technology: Mastering time

Flexure blades are thin strips of material designed to store energy in static positions, while being flexible when needed. This technology has enabled watchmakers, like Armin Strom, to create watch components that are both incredibly thin and durable.

CSEM worked with Armin Strom to optimize the material and design of their flexure blade coupling spring to improve the stability and speed of synchronization of the balance wheels.

The international leader in innovation

The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry put the export value of Swiss watches in 2022 at 24.8 billion Swiss francs, an 11.4% increase against 2021. With its design and materials expertise, CSEM is translating technological solutions into business outcomes by supporting the development of new innovations in the Swiss watch industry. We also care about helping watchmakers like Armin Strom brace their claim to the “Swiss Made” label, which reinforces Switzerland’s reputation as the world’s best innovator. This label, in turn, helps to reinforce Switzerland’s reputation in developing quality products and services, while also promoting the country’s reputation as the world’s top innovator.