Industry 4.0

Innovation. Connectivity. Digitalization.

Industry 4.0 is transforming manufacturing, production, and distribution through automated, intelligent, and connected solutions.

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Smart automation lines and maintenance systems require advanced technologies for efficient manufacturing. We are creating agile systems and full process pipelines to optimize industrial automation. From condition monitoring to predictive intervention, from system self-organization to self-diagnosis and autonomous machine decisions, we are here for your digital transformation needs.

Research and Development in Industry 4.0

Our solutions will enhance your embrace of Industry 4.0. Here are some examples:

Industrial quality control

  • Solutions for complex, automated quality control tasks that require robust architectures and one-shot learning, including ‘lot size one’ applications
  • The latest, most efficient machine learning algorithms, using highly advanced vision and sensing systems of higher complexity, combined with special hardware, to unleash the full power of modern industry 4.0 systems.

Process optimization

  • Model-based and data-driven approaches, combined with deep industry expertise, enable adaptive optimized process control in chemical, pharmaceutical, and general process manufacturing industries
  • Hybrid knowledge in sensor development complements software innovation by providing access to additional parameters 

Predictive maintenance

  • Predicting the status of processes, machines and equipment based on limited and noisy data sets by using state-of-the-art artificial neural networks
  • Incorporating condition-based monitoring, anomaly detection and prediction methodology minimizes support requirements

Predictive quality

  • Optimizing product quality by using additional information from the production process and the state of the manufacturing equipment.
  • Combining inline quality inspection, predictive maintenance, and prescriptive analytics

Robotics and real-time control

  • Model building with deep reinforcement learning for real-world applications to establish highly adaptive self-learning and efficient production
  • Making complex hardware and tools easily implementable in an industrial environment

Human-machine interaction

  • Enabling straightforward cooperation between personnel and equipment, such as cobots, based on one-shot and imitation learning
  • Exploring human-centric development alongside the integration of sensors and electronics to enable more natural interaction
  • Ensuring the usability of software and algorithms, even for non-experts
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Industry 4.0 will help your company improve its efficiency and prepare you to adapt more effectively to unexpected challenges. With successful projects completed across the rail, watchmaking, biomedical, metallurgy, agriculture, and manufacturing domains—we are the perfect partner to support your next industry 4.0 venture.

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Meet our happy customers

Logo Renata

Daniel Hunziker

Head of Strategic Projects

Working with CSEM has meant being able to draw on broad-based competencies and innovative thinking in order to bring the goal of technology leadership within reach.

Logo Trafag

Dieter Zeisel


CSEM has experience working with the watchmaking industry and is a world-leading expert in oscillator systems. That’s where you go when you’re seeking technologies that break the mold.

Logo Tecan

Dany Chek

Senior Project Manager

DeckCheck will strengthen Tecan’s Fluent platform by providing state-of-the-art assistance in setting up and verifying workflows. It is expected to significantly reduce user error, the cause of a substantial proportion of workflow crashes. This will contribute to a sizeable decrease in sample and consumable losses.

Logo Asyril

Alain Codourey


CSEM is always ahead of the technology curve and leads projects with great professionalism.

Logo Buhler Groupe

Mario Urbisaglia

Team Manager R&D

CSEM was the ideal partner for this project: expert in intelligent systems and algorithms, pragmatic and flexible when we had to change the data collection plan, and fast. This was our first project with CSEM—and it won’t be the last.

Logo Axetris

Simon Tschupp

Manager, Wafer Process Development

CSEM is experienced in using artificial intelligence, and the platform was developed very quickly compared to industrial solutions. The other surprise was its performance: certain steps of inspection and quality control can be completed up to ten times more quickly in comparison to our purely manual processes.