April 22, 2024

CSEM’s leadership handover upholds innovation in Basel Area, Central Switzerland, and the Graubünden

After twenty years of influential leadership at CSEM, Philippe Steiert, Vice President of Industry 4.0 and Life Sciences and member of its Executive Board, is set to pass the torch to Vincent Revol on May 1, 2024. A key figure in the company’s growth, Philippe will not say goodbye just yet; he will continue to offer his wisdom and expertise through a collaborative support period until May 2025, ensuring a smooth succession and continuity within the company’s leadership.

Two men standing next to a triangle shaped location marker in the geographical heart of Switzerland.
© CSEM - CSEM leadership transition at Älggi-Alp: Philippe Steiert (left) passes the torch to Vincent Revol (right) amidst the symbolic landscape of Älggi-Alp, the geographical center of Switzerland, reflecting CSEM’s mission in driving innovation across the country.

As Vice President Philippe Steiert prepares for his leadership handover to Vincent Revol, CSEM celebrates a legacy of foresight and innovation. This pivotal moment highlights CSEM’s unwavering commitment to progress, ensuring its pioneering role in Swiss innovation continues to thrive.

Philippe Steiert (CSEM's outgoing VP) standing in a suit smiling© CSEM -

Philippe Steiert at Älggi-Alp: For two decades, Philippe shown a steadfast commitment to technological advancement and partnership across three of Switzerland’s key regions: Basel Area, Central Switzerland, and the Graubünden.

CSEM’s strategic focus under Philippe’s leadership 

Philippe’s tenure has been marked by significant growth, particularly at the company's Allschwil, Alpnach, and Landquart sites, with notable advancements at the Neuchâtel location. His steadfast focus on applied research and technology transfer has fortified partnerships with Cantonal governments, bolstering innovation and competitive strength across the Basel Area, Central Switzerland, and the Graubünden. 

Under Philippe’s guidance, CSEM has excelled in driving digital transformation through advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0 solutions, while also spearheading biotechnological breakthroughs for the life sciences sector. His strategic vision has solidified CSEM’s position as a cornerstone of Switzerland’s innovation landscape, bridging research and industry, particularly for small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). 

Philippe’s confidence in CSEM’s future 

Reflecting on his impactful career, Philippe states: “I am very proud of the achievements we have realized with our regional partners, clients, Cantonal stakeholders, and collaborators. CSEM stands as a unique and invaluable pillar in Switzerland’s innovation ecosystem, seamlessly bridging the gap between research and industry. In particular, SMEs are the backbone of the Swiss economy, and their needs are multifaceted. They require access to the latest technologies to stay competitive, guidance in navigating the complexities of digital transformation, and support in leveraging innovation for sustainable growth. With its deep expertise in advanced manufacturing, biotechnologies, and digitalization, CSEM is uniquely equipped to meet these needs. The continued financial backing from the Cantons also underscores their trust in CSEM’s mission to drive economic vitality through innovation. As Vincent steps into his new role, he brings with him a wealth of experience that will undoubtedly propel CSEM to new heights of success.” 

Vincent Revol (CSEM's inbound VP) standing in a suit smiling© CSEM -

Vincent Revol at Älggi-Alp: With a vision to empower Swiss SMEs, Vincent stands at Älggi-Alp, symbolizing the dawn of a new innovative era under his leadership at CSEM.

Navigating economic challenges through innovation and technology transfer 

Vincent Revol, currently driving forward Research and Business Development for Life Science Technologies at CSEM, carries a wealth of experience from his fifteen-year tenure at the company. His engineering expertise and passion for intrapreneurship have been instrumental in fostering innovation, growth, and strong customer partnerships. Vincent’s recent endeavors include masterminding numerous successful technology transfers, working closely with SMEs, start-ups, and large corporations, and deeply understanding their distinct needs for innovation. 

Vincent’s vision for enhancing SMEs’ competitiveness in Switzerland 

Sharing his blueprint for the future, Vincent remarks: “In the face of rising interest rates and the strong Swiss franc, our export-driven industries and SMEs, face significant challenges. Innovation is the key to enhance Swiss industrial competitiveness. CSEM’s pivotal role in technology transfer is more vital than ever. We’re intensifying our efforts in the German-speaking regions of Switzerland, to ensure companies have access to CSEM’s vast technological support. Our goal is to boost innovation accessibility for SMEs and invest in emergent technologies that will shape the future of our society.” 

A leadership transition signifying resilience and growth 

The upcoming leadership transition at CSEM is a reflection of the company’s resilience and adaptability. With unwavering support from the Swiss Cantons and the fresh perspective of the new leadership, CSEM is set to not only sustain its influential role in Switzerland’s innovation landscape, but also broaden its impact, fulfilling the essential needs of its partners and clients.