June 12, 2023

CSEM achieves milestones: CHF 100M revenue, 26 patent families, 2 start-ups, and a leadership transition

CSEM, a prominent technology innovation center in Switzerland, announces it has achieved a remarkable milestone by surpassing CHF 100 million in revenue. This accomplishment signifies a considerable step forward in CSEM’s ongoing mission to drive innovation and economic growth. CSEM’s revenues highlight the pivotal role played by technology transfer centers in nurturing innovation and reinforce the importance of sustained investment in these centers to uphold the country’s position as the global innovation leader. The announcement of the company’s 2022 results took place during its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on June 9, 2023.

Behind the scenes: Claude Nicollier, outgoing CSEM Chair, hands over the reins to his successor Andreas Rickenbacher.
© Guillaume Perret - Behind the scenes: Claude Nicollier, outgoing CSEM Chair, hands over the reins to his successor Andreas Rickenbacher.

Surpassing CHF 100 million: CSEM sets new revenue milestone

In 2022, CSEM achieved a 3.5% growth, bringing its total revenue for the year to CHF 100.4 million. The company also filed 26 new patent families, 17 of which were for its own technology platforms in the fields of precision manufacturing, digital technologies, and sustainable energies. The remaining nine new patent families were filed on behalf of clients, highlighting CSEM’s commitment to fostering innovation in support of industry. The company's workforce grew from 552 to 566 specialists.

Alexandre Pauchard, CEO of CSEM, expressed gratitude to retired Chair Claude Nicollier for his contributions over the past 16 years: “With Nicollier’s visionary leadership, commitment to innovation, and ability to build strong partnerships, CSEM emerged as a leader in identifying, developing, and transferring cutting-edge technologies to Swiss industry.”

CSEM’s partnerships in 2022: Pioneering innovations with industry leaders and fueling progress

CSEM was happy to spotlight at its AGM its strategic partnerships that drive innovation and propel economic growth. For example, in 2022 with Micro Crystal AG, a company of the Swatch Group, it developed the most accurate and energy-efficient temperature-compensated real-time clock to date. These components enable the smooth functioning of various devices and systems. Moreover, the company is working on a strategic roadmap to diligently reduce the environmental impact of the components it develops in the future.

Through its ongoing collaboration with Meyer Burger, CSEM developed an innovative perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell technology breakthrough, reaching record performance for a large device area. This has the potential to speed up photovoltaics adoption through increased operational efficiency. The partnership aims to bring solar production back to Europe, reducing reliance on imported technologies. By investing in cutting-edge solar solutions, CSEM and Meyer Burger are creating a brighter and more sustainable future.

Another highlight from 2022 involved CSEM teaming up with the company Fluigent to introduce a revolutionary non-invasive sensor that makes microfluidic devices more reliable and user friendly, while suppressing contamination issues. This technology has significant implications for diagnostics, biotechnology, and personalized healthcare.

Driving entrepreneurship and investing in innovation for a brighter future

In 2022, CSEM launched two start-up companies, MATIS and Alpamayo IQS, driving entrepreneurialism and fostering positive economic impact. CSEM also expanded and relocated in 2022 to further achieve its strategic objectives. The company established a new site on campus at the University Hospital of Bern (Inselspital), solidifying its digital health initiatives in collaboration with the University Hospital of Bern and the University of Bern. Additionally, the company relocated its artificial intelligence in life sciences activities to the Swiss Innovation Park in Allschwil, housing state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to developing tomorrow’s biosystems.

Welcoming Andreas Rickenbacher: New Chair continues legacy of visionary leadership

CSEM’s new Chair Andreas Rickenbacher, was also officially appointed during the company’s AGM. With his background in economics, business administration, and public administration, and his experience in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship as well as supporting the expansion of SMEs, Rickenbacher is an ideal leader for CSEM. His appointment signals CSEM's commitment to navigating the complex political and economic landscape in which it works and maintaining its position as a leader in innovation and driving economic growth.

Andreas Rickenbacher expresses his excitement about this pivotal moment: “CSEM’s expanding presence validates its innovation prowess and commitment to developing technologies that make a real‑world difference. With a remarkable track record of generating significant revenue—with every franc of public funding invested in CSEM resulting in 15 francs of revenue in the country—CSEM exemplifies the crucial role technology transfer centers play in driving Swiss innovation and economic growth. Sustained investment in companies like CSEM is paramount to uphold Switzerland's global reputation as an innovation powerhouse.”


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