Ultra-Low-Power integrated systems
Vision systems
Vision systems play an essential role in many fields including automation and quality control, machine vision, agriculture and food safety, non-destructive testing, automotive applications, scientific instrumentation, space, and biomedical applications.

CSEM’s wide spectrum of available technologies and expertise encompasses all of the key elements required to build and integrate a complete vision solution, including high-performance imaging sensors (high-speed line and area sensors), optical encoders for metrology, machine learning and classification algorithms, and stand-alone, miniature, smart vision systems.

CSEM’s focus is on developing vision systems that are in line with industrial requirements such as ultra-low power, high speed, high-dynamic range, compact and highly integrated. We are actively working on imagers sensitive not only to visible light, but also X-rays and THz spectra, along with new multi-spectral capabilities. Our metrology systems offer best-in-class performance in terms of precision, speed and robustness to harsh environments. Finally, the classification systems offer high-recognition rates, compactness, along with embedded state-of-the-art algorithms.

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