Quantum leaps in performance
Space & astrophysics
CSEM is well known in the space community for providing highly precise mechanisms and scientific instrumentation for satellites and telescopes. Our development of compliant mechanisms for use in space exploration has led to quantum leaps in performance and to remarkable results. And we're going beyond our list of achievements to date, pursuing additional applications in the field of space.

Our successes include the Corner Cube Mechanism—a critical subsystem of the Infrared Atmospheric Sounding Interferometer of the European meteorological satellite Metop (Meteorology Polar Orbiting Satellite). And we’re also behind door mechanisms for the European Space Agency (ESA) X-Ray Multi-Mirror Satellite (XMM), and the point-ahead mechanism for the agency’s LISA satellite.

For a few years now, we’ve also been pursuing activities in other domains such as atomic clocks, in particular optically pumped Cs clocks, and in wireless communication for space applications, one of the purposes of which is to remove the need for harnesses in order to gain time and reduce complexity and weight.

We’re looking into robotics, control engineering, and firmware too. Our projects include a 7-degrees-of-freedom robot arm for the Eurobot system on the ISS and for planetary missions, the firmware of a miniaturized motor controller for the Mars Rover, and a robotic arm for future Martian rovers and landers. As MEMS technology plays a key role in the ongoing miniaturization of electronic modules and systems in ESA, CSEM finds itself particularly well positioned. Our MEMS and MOEMS sensor developments and expertise range from design to small volume production and reliability. With our miniaturized LiDAR imaging technology we will be able to provide future solutions for landing, rendezvous, and rover navigation applications.

Space projects allow us to valorize and extend our technologies in a very challenging environment. They also give CSEM access to international projects for which only outstanding, reliable solutions make the grade.

CSEM projects in space
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