June 3, 2021

CSEM will award CHF 200,000 in digital-development support to two Swiss SMEs

To help Swiss SMEs recover from the economic setbacks caused by the pandemic, CSEM is running an “expanded” version of its CSEM Digital Journey contest.

CSEM will award CHF 200,000 in digital-development support to two Swiss SMEs

The CSEM Digital Journey contest was introduced in 2018 to encourage Swiss SMEs to develop digital products and services. The contest offers companies with fewer than 250 employees the chance to pursue their digital dream by drawing on CSEM’s technology catalogue. The winners, to be selected by a panel of experts, will receive CHF 100,000 in technological support from CSEM’s digital experts.

This marks the second year that CSEM will select two winners to benefit from its R&D expertise.

"The digital transformation can be a fantastic opportunity for SMEs that are willing to completely rethink their business models and processes. At CSEM, we can give these companies the right digital tools to help them meet their specific business goals," says Alexandre Pauchard, CEO of CSEM.

Last year’s winners were Gait Up and Definition12, two medtech companies selected for the major impact of their technology on society. CSEM is working with both of them to speed the market launch of their digital systems.

Correcting gait disorders

Gait Up, founded as a CHUV and EPFL spin-off, has developed a proprietary system that uses wireless wearable sensors, advanced algorithms and biomechanical models to analyze irregularities in the way a patient walks. The company is working with CSEM to develop and test new algorithms allowing for a more detailed assessment of gait disorders resulting from a stroke, ligament injury or Parkinson’s disease.

Using artificial intelligence to treat aphasia

The app developed by Definition12 helps treat speech impairment, or aphasia, by coaching patients through therapeutic exercises they can conduct at home. The app is designed to be fun to use and to provide personalized feedback as the patient progresses. With CSEM’s support, Definition12 is using artificial intelligence to develop a large-scale system that translates therapists’ facial expressions into several languages and dialects.

CSEM is now looking forward to working with two new companies, and to receiving applications for this year’s CSEM Digital Journey award.

The deadline for submitting applications is 6 September 2021. CSEM will publish a shortlist of five finalists in October, and the two winners will be announced in November at an event held alongside 2021 Swiss Digital Day.

For more information or to apply, visit CSEM Digital Journey.

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