June 15, 2018

An excellent year for CSEM in 2017

CSEM recorded an encouraging increase in its industrial activity in 2017. The financial year was marked by several prestigious awards acknowledging the work of our technological and research center. A key player in the current move to digitalization, CSEM is launching the CSEM Digital Journey, a challenge designed to help Swiss SMEs to get on board the digital "train".

A standalone, miniaturized vision system – an award-winner in the USA; our partner AVA designated best Swiss start-up of the year; and our receiving the international Hermès award. CSEM has been rewarded several times for its engagement in favor of innovation in 2017. Consistent with its mission, our organization – present at five sites in Switzerland – made its competencies available to many companies. The company witnessed strong growth in industrial revenues, a trend that is continuing in 2018.

Growth in industrial activity  

This thirst for innovation delights Claude Nicollier, President of the Board of Director of CSEM. “As an example, take the automatic and wireless measuring system for airplane tire pressures that our teams developed with MEGGITT SA. Thanks to this step forward, our Freiburg-based partner became more competitive, and its end-client can now avoid costly and time-consuming manual checks.” Mario El-Khoury, CSEM CEO, adds: “When clients tell us that they can develop internationally following our collaboration, this represents for us the best form of recognition”. The case of the Basel-based company HINNI AG is a good example. With CSEM’s help, they embraced digitalization by making their traditional hydrants “intelligent” so that they could quickly identify the location of leaks in water systems.

Launch of the CSEM Digital Journey for Swiss SMEs

CSEM would like to see more initiatives like this, and so is launching the “CSEM Digital Journey”, a challenge reserved for Swiss SMEs. “For these companies, digitalization represents a difficult hurdle, as they don’t usually have the required expertise to get started,” explains Mario El-Khoury. “By inviting them on a digital journey, we hope to inspire other members of this community, which represents the backbone of the Swiss economy.” Companies can explore our catalog of technologies and submit their ideas by 10 September. A jury of experts will decide on the most promising project, which will receive the support of CSEM to the value of CHF 100,000. The winner’s identity will be revealed on 7 November, on the occasion of our 4th Business Day, which will take place in Neuchâtel.

A new member of the Board of Directors

CSEM’s shareholders met on Friday 15 June 2018, and approved the 2017 accounts of our non-profit organization, which showed a positive result of CHF 383,523. They also designated a new administrator representing the town of Neuchâtel – Fabio Bongiovanni, who is replacing Olivier Arni.

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