April 1, 2019

spaceCoder technology

spaceCoder technology at the service of Swiss industry

Coordinate Measuring Machine

Coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) used for quality control of high precision mechanical parts such as turbine blades and implantable prostheses need very accurate probes. These are used to detect when contact is made with the object to be measured, allowing readings to be taken. Probes are usually based on strain gauges, which are very fragile, or on mechanical contacts, which suffer from non-homogeneous detection forces along the different axes. To overcome these limitations, Swiss metrology specialist TESA - Hexagon decided to develop a new generation of robust precision probes.

Working with CSEM has been very helpful technically and also geographically, with our proximity and the advantages of an all-Swiss partnership adding to the project's overall value.

Fabrice Schertenleib, Managing Director, TESA.

CSEM’s patented spaceCoder technology was key to TESA's solution: a novel probe based on a miniature mechano-opto-electrical measurement system built around a dedicated integrated circuit. This innovative new probe enables homogeneous detection in all directions with unprecedented precision.

Now in production at TESA Renens CH and used to equip CMMs produced by the Hexagon Group, the probe consolidates Hexagon's position as a leading supplier of CMMs.

Supported by Innosuisse, this project is exemplary because it contributes to enhance a strong industry in Switzerland.