March 1, 2021

PUCK: plug-in, use, collect and analyze your data

The future is digital. AI is creating new opportunities for businesses the world over, however, for many SMEs taking their first steps into the digital realm is a daunting prospect. How do they collect data? What data should they collect? How should it be analyzed and treated? How can be used to accelerate operational effectiveness? PUCK edge technology from CSEM is the answer to these questions.


PUCK is a plug-use collection kit that is both private and secure. Easy-to-use and install, the device collects and manages data at the source (edge), undertakes localized data analysis, and then provides valuable and advantageous insights and decision support for the end user.

It collects data through a series of sensory devices: a large field high-resolution camera, a thermal camera, and embedded microphones. The device then extracts insights from the data, using a machine learning algorithm, which tracks for example, changes related to movement, density, temperature, or sound, which can be applied to real-life situations like the real-time health status of a patient. 

In the world of edge computing, data is treated in an anonymized and localized way (onsite, as it were, at the edge) so there is no need to store or transfer any data. Resultantly, the data and the valuable statistical reports PUCK handles/creates are guaranteed to remain private and secure.

Collecting data is the very first step all companies need to begin their digitalization journey, and thanks to PUCK it now couldn’t be easier for your business to enter into the digital age.


  • 24/7 non-invasive detection of symptoms from sound and temperature analysis
  • Accurate analysis of patient data in real-time allowing remote patient monitoring.
  • Density mapping to help limit patient contact when dealing with infectious diseases, or to optimize space usage.
  • Physical activity and gesture tracking to detect if a person is in distress after a slip or fall.
  • Assessment of medical treatment impact by analyzing subject’s movement activity and pattern.
  • Safe, sanitary, and privacy secured via anonymized data collection and treatment.

Consumer space

  • Track people density, frequentation and duration in enclosed spaces e.g. around exhibitions, to highlight the busiest areas during certain times of the day, allowing the organization to effectively manage and optimize space, and identify popular locations.
  • Privacy is secured via anonymized data treatment and collection. 

Agriculture: Livestock disease prevention and control

  • PUCK’s infrared sensing with mind learning algorithm can detect and track the emitted heat energy of livestock within its viewing field and converts this into a real-time visual representation.
  • If an animal exhibits an elevated body temperature (an early sign of infection), farmers can rapidly intervene. Appropriate management of the livestock can then be undertaken e.g. quarantined from other members of the herd/flock until its symptoms subside, thus helping to prevent a mass outbreak.
  • Before humans can visibly see the effects of an illness on livestock, it has often advanced to the stage where the animal needs antibiotics. Enabling early intervention, PUCK helps increase the chances of therapy being successful, reducing antibiotic use. 
  • Early prevention and treatment of livestock can help reduce the chance of livestock-to-human transmission. 
  • Safe and privacy secured via anonymized data collection and treatment.

Industrial quality control and workplace safety

  • PUCK’s complex machine learning algorithm can help detect and prevent workplace hazards in real-time, alerting employees if an action to secure their safety is needed.
  • Anomaly detection for quality control purposes.