October 4, 2015

Photovoltaic building facade for CSEM

Exclusive, power generating architecture in Neuchâtel

Photovoltaic building frontage at CSEM

In the center of Neuchâtel, the municipality, Viteos, and CSEM inaugurated a photovoltaic (PV) façade that catches the eye with its ultra-modern design and combines innovative technologies. This robust, energy-efficient, and highly attractive facade marks a turning point in the architectural integration of PV panels in Neuchâtel, paving the way for modern and attractive solar architecture.

Built with new solar panels developed and manufactured entirely in Switzerland, the new south facade of the building located at Rue de la Maladière 83 is the result of the decisive support received from several of CSEM’s partners committed to renewable energies. Besides the technological and energy benefits, the construction stands out because of its architectural integration. The photovoltaic screen—semi-transparent to lend it an airy and elegant look—was designed by the Neuchâtel-based architectures GD Architectes, jointly with CSEM’s PV-center, which selected the technologies used.

Photovoltaic building frontage at CSEM: Facade seen from below
Photovoltaic building frontage at CSEM: Close up solar cells