March 28, 2024

Kinderlab: The playground for future science stars

On Wednesday 13th March, Kinderlab, (aka the kids lab), swung its doors wide open for a hands-on session on "surfaces". The pint sized Einsteins, aged 9 to 12, unraveled the mysteries of physics and chemistry through interactive workshops led by Silvia Demuru, Peter Cristofolini and Reufa Junuzovic, experts from CSEM.

CSEM's expert Reufa Junuzovic guides Kinderlab youngsters in their experiment on the surface of soap bubbles.

Among the standout experiments was the paperclip’s ability to skim the water's surface. This seemingly simple observation opened the floodgates to a discussion about the sticky and clingy forces that keep water molecules together, allowing unexpected objects, like paperclips to stay afloat.

Another playful experiment involved using a simple straw to blow bubbles in a liquid. The children were amazed to see how the simple action of puffing through a straw could create bubbles of different shapes and sizes. This entertaining experiment shed light on the principles of pressure on the surface, all the while tickling the young scientists’ curiosity.  



Click below to catch Flurina and Leano’s recap of this fun-filled afternoon 👉🏻

Kinderlab's mini-researchers experiment with the surfaces created by the fusion of soap and water.©CSEM

Kinderlab: Trailblazer of after-school science programs in Switzerland

Since it was created in 2012, Kinderlab, founded and led by Elisabeth Flury-Schneller, stands out as the only organization in Switzerland providing year-round, group-based, after-school science programs.  

This kid-centric space encourages an understanding of science in its broadest sense. It gives young people the freedom to unleash their creativity and conduct their own experiments. The program includes: guided projects and workshops animated by Kinderlab's experts, who, like the researchers at CSEM, come from external companies. Thanks to their playful approaches, the children learn to tackle complex challenges, whilst having fun. 

After more than a decade of success with Kinderlab, CSEM remains future-focused. The technology innovation center is determined to increase its impact, offering more children the opportunity to explore, learn, and create, igniting their passion alongside real scientists. Together, let’s delve into the mysteries of the world around us and inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. 

Kinderlab workshop on the floating power of paper clips©CSEM

CSEM: Laying the groundwork for the next generation of researchers

As co-founder of Kinderlab, CSEM is at the forefront of championing STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) among young people. David Schmid, the president of Kinderlab, is personally invested in giving kids the room they need to let their curiosity run wild, boosting science and technology, and tackling the STEM labor shortage head-on.  

Alongside CSEM’s dedicated collaborators, he enthusiastically leads a variety of stimulating workshops. From designing a light barrier for an internal alarm system for studying microorganisms and their environment, to experimenting with fluidswhether runny, gooey, or droplet formno scientific stone is left unturned.  

« CSEM aims to lead by example by fostering a love for technology and showing that we can harness it to change the world for the better. »  

- David Schmid, President of the Kinderlab Association -  

Embark on a journey of discovery with Kinderlab!

Would your children like to explore the exciting realms of science and technology? Kinderlab offers a variety of programs tailored for young inquisitive minds. Choose from ForscherMinis, AstroKids, hands-on soldering workshops, or join CSEM for an expert-led session. 

For more details, visit the Kinderlab website or reach out to Elisabeth Flury-Schneller at 078 926 48 82, available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:00 to 11:00 AM.