January 29, 2024

CSEM splits ‘Systems’ unit to strengthen ‘Medtech’ and ‘Instrumentation’ innovation

With this move, CSEM aims to address the increasing demand for precision instruments and the booming digital health market.

Two men standing in front of a telescope
© CSEM - At the Neuchâtel Observatory, Switzerland, Jens Krauss (left) and Steve Lecomte (right) pose in front of the telescope that symbolizes their vision of a future full of possibilities. They are the VPs of CSEM's newly created ‘Medtech’ and ‘Instrumentation’ units. CSEM is the custodian of the historic site and operates some of its ‘Instrumentation’ activities from this location.

Effective of January 1, 2024, CSEM has restructured its organization to better serve its clients and partners. Its ‘Systems’ unit, has grown and expanded significantly over the past 15 years, creating new opportunities and challenges for its operations and performance. Jens Krauss, who has led the ‘Systems’ unit for the last 15 years and has been with CSEM for nearly 30, is now the VP Business Unit Leader for Medtech at CSEM. Jens explains the benefits of the split:

“This change enables us to adapt our resources and strategies to each sector more effectively. As such, our partners will benefit from our improved operations, which are more streamlined, productive, and flexible. Additionally, they will benefit from more value-added services and solutions, plus better and more focused communication with CSEM's experts.”

Two men standing with their arms crossed with one wearing a watch with connected fitness monitoring solutions.© CSEM -

Jens Krauss, presents CSEM's ‘Medtech’ unit on the Insel-Campus in Bern, Switzerland. The site is a platform for innovation and collaboration, offering cutting-edge technologies and solutions for the healthcare domain.

Supporting the digital transformation of the healthcare industry

CSEM’s ‘Medtech’ unit helps the healthcare industry adopt and integrate digital technologies and solutions. The industry is facing many challenges, such keeping up with technology advances, complying with policy and regulatory changes, responding to consumer preferences and behaviors, and reducing healthcare costs. CSEM’s expertise in medical devices, sensors, digitalization, and regulatory affairs can help the industry innovate and adapt its R&D processes, which are often high-risk and high-cost.

CSEM’s ‘Medtech’ unit provides a wide range of services and solutions, such as wearable devices, biosensors, data analytics, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, to help its clients develop innovative products and services that can improve the health and well-being of people. Examples of products already supported by CSEM’s technologies include the Tissot T-Touch Connect Sport, a wellness product for fitness enthusiasts, Actigraph Leap™, a monitoring device for medical settings, and the Aktiia bracelet, a medical device to measure blood pressure continuously and without cuff.

One of the initiatives that CSEM has launched in 2023 to support the digital transformation of the healthcare industry is its ‘Medtech’ activities on the Insel-Campus in Bern, Switzerland, in collaboration with the Inselspital (University Hospital of Bern) and the University of Bern. This innovation hub, supported by the Canton of Bern, facilitates the exchange of ideas between researchers, entrepreneurs, clinicians, as well as local stakeholders in Bern. The hub’s goal is to accelerate the development and commercialization of digital health solutions.

Two men looking up at a telescope© CSEM -

Steve Lecomte and Jens Krauss, the heads of CSEM’s new units, looking at the telescope at the Neuchâtel Observatory. The Observatory was founded in 1858 and participated in assessing the accuracy of timepieces and astronomical research. The telescope is an example of the early instruments that enabled the exploration and observation of the Universe.

CSEM leading the way in instrumentation for space and terrestrial applications

CSEM’s ‘Instrumentation’ unit is a leader in developing and delivering cutting-edge instruments and solutions for space exploration and observation, as well as terrestrial and industrial applications. CSEM’s expertise in precision and watch mechanisms, atomic clocks, lasers, lidars, photonic integrated circuits, control, metrology, and system engineering has enabled it to create innovative products and systems that meet the high standards, precision, and strict regulatory challenges of Industry and beyond.

Steve Lecomte, the new VP Business Unit Leader for Instrumentation, has been at CSEM for over 15 years, and has contributed to many groundbreaking projects, involving both remote‑ and direct-sensing instruments. He has also forged strong partnerships with key players in the industrial and Swiss space sectors, as well as with international bodies like the European Space Agency (ESO), the European Southern Observatory, and the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA). Steve says:

“Scientific instruments are not just tools, they are windows to the wonders of the Universe and our life. They reveal the secrets of planetary geology, atmosphere, and environmental conditions. They also serve the needs of humanity on Earth, for various applications, such as mapping, weather forecasting, localization, and environmental monitoring. At CSEM, we create value for our clients and society by developing and applying these innovative instruments.”

Most recently, CSEM developed a state-of-the-art laser frequency comb that is calibrating the NIRPS spectrograph at the European Southern Observatory’s La Silla observatory in Chile. The NIPRS spectrograph searches for Earth-like planets around nearby stars to help us ultimately understand if life is present elsewhere in the Universe.

By separating its ‘Systems’ unit into two distinct activities, CSEM has enhanced its efficiency and innovation potential, and has consolidated its leadership in the fields of Medtech and Instrumentation.