Battery applied research and expertise

Expertise ranging from materials to systems. Batteries are a key component in tackling the social and economic challenges that are unfolding as part of the energy transition. Nowadays, electrochemical storage systems have the ability to store electrical energy for decentralized stationary and mobile applications.


Based on our available infrastructure, CSEM can characterize, analyze, and develop prototype battery system components, and we cover the entire value chain, from material development to battery system engineering. We provide services and innovation support in the following domains:

Interface engineering and coatings

Via advanced coating serviceswe provide our know-how and top-class coating facilities (vacuum and wet) to address industrial challenges in the field of Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries. Our unique coating portfolio for deposition of active materials (Li metal anodes) and/or for functionalizing of the interface between the different materials is a key enabler to obtain devices with higher energy density and better cyclability.

Solid-state electrolyte development

CSEM is developing the next generation of solid-state, safe, and high-energy-density Li-batteries. We have already obtained state-of-the-art ionic conductivity (even at room temperature) for both polymer and ceramic solid-state electro­lytes. Electrolyte integration in high-voltage (>4.2 V) Li-metal batteries is enabled by unique surface treatments functionalizing the solid electrolyte/electrodes interface.

Battery testing

With our Battery Testing Infrastructure we characterize a range of batteries from mWh coin cell up to battery packs with power draws up to 50 kW. Application-specific cycling under controlled thermal conditions is systematically accompanied by EIS inspection. Our services include technological screening and the implementation of ad-hoc testing protocols and second-life testing procedures.

Cell modeling

Based on the available data from performance characterizations, we have developed innovative electrical and electrochemical models for a wide variety of Li-ion technologies. Models are available that can reproduce operational behavior with very high precision, even in extreme conditions. We apply this expertise to develop state estimators that are adapted to our clients’ application needs.

Post-mortem analysis

Post-mortem analysis allows us to obtain a detailed understanding of failure modes linked to the aging of standard batteries but it also provides insight for the development of new battery technologies. Our services include the safe opening of cells and the subsequent inspection for the entire range of our material investigation services, which also includes SEM and XRD inspection.

BMS prototyping

We produce battery management systems that are tailored to your application and operational needs. For the validation and test of our developments, we rely on our BMS testing infrastructure but also include available measurement data for the development process. A good example of a concrete realization is our Intelligent Battery Management System, which is already available for your application.

System-level analysis

We help you to study the profitability of the battery systems for your application. Based on our data and available models we have developed a methodology that allows us to determine the optimal sizing, as well as letting us evaluate key economic indicators. We have applied this to a multitude of different services ranging from grid services (frequency regulation, arbitrage, etc.), power trading optimization, and V2G applications.