July 4, 2024

Unlock the secrets of deep tech start-ups

Join us at our exclusive event for a transformative exploration into the challenges faced by deep tech start-ups. Learn about the common hurdles in the start-up ecosystem and arm yourself with strategies to steer clear of them!

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Discover how deep tech is revolutionizing industries and what it means for the future of innovation. Get hands-on experience on the challenges of deep tech start-ups.

Learn from experience

Hear from Patrick Griss, Co-Founder and CEO Zühlke Ventures and tech investor, about his hands-on experiences to launch deep tech start-ups. Patrick will share his journey and lessons learned which ended up in the Playbook for deep tech entrepreneurs to prevent common failure modes.

Marie Didier, the CEO and Founder of MATIS, combines art and science to provide art professionals with daily access to scientific diagnosis on artworks. With her dual educational background and 15 years of experience, she revolutionizes the art world through advanced multispectral technology and machine learning algorithms.

Co-founder and COO of Aktiia, Mattia Bertschi is transforming blood pressure monitoring. His groundbreaking technology eliminates the need for calibration, making it easier and more convenient for users. Mathia’s work advances hypertension management, turning wearables and smartphones into medical-grade devices for monitoring this vital sign.

Roundtable spotlight on innovation

In a visionary roundtable, explore CSEM’s cutting-edge deep-tech start-up concepts and connect with the innovators who are shaping their entrepreneurial success stories.

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📍 Venue:
Sitem StartUp Club (SSC), Freiburgstrasse 3, 3010 Bern
🗓Date: Thursday, July 4, 2024
⏱️ Time: 16:00 - 18:00
🗣️ Language: English



Keynote speakers

Patrick Griss, Marie Didier and Mattia Bertschi


Roundtable visions with CSEM's start-ups


Networking aperitif

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