March 30, 2022

2022 SiliconPV – Best Presentation Award

The SiliconPV 2022 Award honors the best 10 ranked contributions to the SiliconPV 2022 conference. The contributions were selected via a double-blind review process by a panel of silicon photovoltaic experts.

Arnaud Walter

Arnaud Walter was rewarded with the SiliconPV 2022 Award for his presentation entitled “Perovskite/Silicon Tandems: First Realization with Rear Textured p-Type High-Temperature Passivating Contacts", during the closing ceremony of the 12thInternational Conference on Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaics (SiliconPV) in Konstanz, Germany. His work demonstrates the potential of perovskite/silicon tandem cells on high-temperature passivating contacts as a relevant candidate for the next generation of high-efficiency solar cells. This presentation was the 4th best-ranked contribution.

Results in brief

Perovskite/silicon tandems are widely recognized as the best chance for engineers to overcome the intrinsic efficiency limit of the mainstream silicon photovoltaic technologies. Arnaud and co-authors developed tandem cells using a bottom silicon cell featuring high-temperature passivating contacts. Single junction silicon cells based on these types of contacts will be widely deployed by the main actors of the silicon PV industry and are widely expected to dominate the market. For the rear contact a p-type contact on a textured surface was demonstrated. Additionally, the top cell was deposited on large area wafers (4") with an active area of 4 cm2 and was metalized using screen-printing, a technique commonly used in industry. All in all, the best device reached a power conversion efficiency of 28.25%, a record for this size and bottom cell architecture.