October 18, 2021

2021 Siemens Excellence Award

Congratulations! Florian Burri, a graduate of the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH) and an intern at CSEM, is the proud recipient of the Siemens Excellence Award regional prize for his Bachelors' thesis entitled "Deep-Learning Solution for a Robotic Bin-Picking Task."

Florian Burri

His work was supervised by Dr. Gabriel Gruener from the BFH and Matthias Höchemer at CSEM.

Florian Burri developed a novel deep learning-based system for locating bulk parts in an industrial environment. At present, most companies rely on expensive 3D camera systems to guide robotic arms responsible for unloading parts. In comparison, Burri's solution uses affordable RGB camera and a clustering algorithm, which has been proven to be remarkably successful in distinguishing small, highly reflective metal parts.

Burri will now continue to work on his cost-effective system at CSEM.

About the award

 “The Siemens Excellence Award recognizes outstanding diploma work submitted at various Swiss universities of applied sciences. It aims to encourage young engineers to think scientifically about questions of practical interest.”