Spotlight on strategic technologies
As energy evolves to meet the ever-expanding needs of the 21st century, CSEM is at the forefront of technological and digital developments across the fields of renewable energies and energy management services (EMS). We are using advanced technologies to help our customers thrive throughout this smarter landscape, optimizing renewable energies and their integration, storage, monitoring, control, and maintenance.

We have seen a positive shift over recent decades, with not only the increased adoption of renewable technologies but also the rapid integration of new digital technologies, which are revolutionizing the energy industry. CSEM is part of this new energy generation, and our interprofessional visibility is actively driving innovations in power sector technology, including greater adoption of renewable energies, “smart” grid automation, energy storage, energy saving control devices, and energy scavenging in IoT sensors.

CSEM’s core knowledge extends across the key areas of the photovoltaic (PV) field, including highly efficient and cost-effective photovoltaic panels, building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV), and specialty applications such as mobility, ubiquitous energy harvesting powering wireless sensors, wearables, and excellence in emerging PV technologies. As power generation networks become increasingly complex, CSEM is further integrating “smart” technological solutions across wind, hydropower, and other renewable energies.

Connecting and solving the challenges posed by a more complex distributed power/storage infrastructure, CSEM’s EMS team is developing flexible solutions that help business and home users alike cut costs and improve efficiency. Our digital solutions allow us to “see” across grids that have intermittent renewable power and distributed storage and harness data generated by smart energy-monitoring devices. With artificial intelligence, machine learning, and edge computing, CSEM is innovating ways to proactively and predictively integrate/manage/maintain/control these “smart” energy systems. We are part of the digital revolution and are adopting the use of these advanced technologies to optimize all our energy management services, including battery storage, grid automation, smart monitoring “devices”, and energy scavenging.  

CSEM’s connected, integrated energy solutions are helping to preserve the natural environment, drive economic development, and advance innovation across the whole energy sector—leading the way to an optimized, renewable future.

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