Transforming science into groundbreaking technologies
Working with CSEM
We offer only excellence, giving you end-to-end support and generating value in a sustainable world, transforming science into groundbreaking technologies and a competitive edge.

Who is working with us?

CSEM's clients come from a huge range of industries and from every corner of the globe. Their requirements are just as diverse, ranging from contract R&D, through small series production, to the development of specific business solutions.

Exploiting our advanced technology platforms and multidisciplinary know-how, we deliver working innovation. From medical, transportation, and energy, to security, manufacturing, life sciences, and telecommunications—we work with all sizes of company. We’re big enough to master the essential technologies. We’re small enough to make innovative multidisciplinary development a reality. We are your research and innovation partner.

One of the major reasons why our work with our clients is so successful is our ability to communicate and collaborate with the highest echelons of both academia and industry. This is how we can anticipate what your future needs will be and are able to meet those needs.

Our success stories illustrate how partnering with us has led directly to competitive new products and processes. And while our technology platforms are developing constantly, they’re always mature enough to be rapidly transferred directly to industrial applications. 

How can we help you?

CSEM has come a long way from its origins in watchmaking, and today supplies a broad range of markets with an even broader range of technologies. We offer only excellence, providing our clients with end-to-end support and assistance throughout the innovation process. This service can include feasibility studies, concept design, prototyping or full product development, R&D services, small series production on a micro- or nano- scale, and intellectual property (IP) licensing.

Small series production—Ramping up the volume on a micro- and nano- scale

Even when only small series production will take you to the next step, it isn’t always easy to find. At CSEM, when small series production is the answer we’re there to provide it—with the added benefits of our state-of-the-art laboratory and strict quality control systems. This is a complementary activity to our core business of contract R&D and our technology transfer mission. And it’s greatly appreciated by our clients, particularly small to medium-size companies.

Contract R&D—From platforms, through systems, to market advantage

CSEM provides cutting-edge R&D services to its industrial partners. This requires a quick-start mind-set balanced by extremely rigorous project management. It also requires a highly effective, customer-oriented approach to intellectual property (IP).

Intellectual property rights management

Flexible, professional management of intellectual property rights (IPRs) is an important advantage of our approach to knowledge and technology transfer. As a not-for-profit organization, CSEM doesn’t seek to maximize financial gain. Nor can it distribute dividends to its shareholders. This means that any revenues generated by IPRs directly enable us to reinforce our applied research activities and so to create more effective technology platforms to meet our clients’ needs.

Why choose CSEM?

CSEM—Technologies that make the difference

Working with us gives you access to technologies that are innovative but mature and reliable, and go beyond the current state of the art. Along with those technologies come our advanced multidisciplinary know-how and superb technical and organizational infrastructure. Additional competences are brought on board from our highly developed academic, research, and industrial network. Together with our engineers, you apply these unique building blocks to the challenges your organization is facing.

Technology transfer—At the heart of our mission

While contract R&D can rightly be described as our core business, technology transfer remains at the heart of our mission. At CSEM, our goal is to add value to the results of scientific and technological research. Our solutions reinforce firms’ abilities to produce and export innovative products and to create and maintain high-added-value employment.

Getting in touch

We listen, we collaborate, and we put our excellence at your disposal to improve your business, generating value for a sustainable world.

Whether you want to discuss opportunities, have a particular project in mind, or simply want to talk over how we might work together in the future, we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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