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Here are just a few of our areas of expertise and the industries in which we operate. To see a full list of expertise or industries, click the explore buttons below.

Industrial automation
Technologies for enhanced manufacturing and process flexibility, making high-quality, small-to-medium-volume products a reality.
Microsystems functional packaging
Developing new integration platforms and corresponding technologies for advanced packaging solutions and general MEMS assembly across a vast array of applications.
Biosurface engineering
Development of cell-handling, sensors, and sample-handling platforms based on proprietary technologies, particularly using manufacturing processes suitable for upscaling.
Energy systems
Developing innovative building technologies and working to integrate renewable energy sources, especially photovoltaic (PV) systems, into existing distribution infrastructures.
System-on-chip design & technology
Ultra-low-power, highly miniaturized solutions with wireless connectivity and computing with in-house processor cores including DSP and sensor interfaces, and power management.
Nanosurface engineering
Developing solutions focused on material and surface sciences, structuring processes, and engineering, and on understanding physical, chemical, and biological surfaces.
Printed electronics & sensors
Range of competences in materials and devices, using printing and solution process technologies for patterned photodiodes, organic transistors, and sensors.
Medical technologies
Developments range from innovative sensing technology for monitoring human vital signs to bio-signal processing and active medical device technologies. All ISO 13485 certified.
Vision systems
Vision solutions, including high-performance line and image sensors, classification and recognition algorithms, optical encoders, and stand-alone smart vision systems.
Wireless & short-range communications
Cutting-edge know-how in low-power radio and standards-based or dedicated proprietary protocols for the next generation of ULP, adaptable, and robust wireless systems.
Advanced micro-manufacturing
Development of digital microfabrication technology—mainly based on 3D printing and additive manufacturing—specifically for microsystems applications.
Microsystems & MEMS
Developing reliable MEMS products, from prototypes to small volume production. Focusing on macro-MEMS, soft-MEMS, harsh environment sensing, and MOEMS.
Thin-film and emerging photovoltaics
Developing next-generation solar cells with outstanding performance in terms of conversion efficiency, durability, integration capacity, and cost reduction.
Photovoltaic cells and modules
Developing advanced packaging solutions and novel testing methodologies to better simulate field conditions and get quicker feedback on quality.
Scientific instrumentation
Developing complex, multi-technology systems involving significant physical layers. Topics include macro-MEMS, opto-mechatronics, and time and frequency technologies.
From groundbreaking silicon technology for new components to innovative, low-power, flexible, and wearable technologies for smartwatches.
Aeronautics & transportation
Technologies that improve the safety, usability, and sustainability of transportation solutions.
Energy & building solutions
Extensive experience in combining PV and energy management to offer energy-efficient concepts and develop effective solutions for the building sector.
Healthcare, wellness & sport
Custom-made, innovative, non-invasive, and mobile healthcare solutions for sensors, implants, hearing aids, diagnostic tools, and laboratory instruments.
Home & industrial automation
Smart, efficient, and reliable technologies and sensors for process and equipment optimization.
Space & astrophysics
Developing highly precise, compliant mechanisms or scientific instrumentation for use in space exploration, satellites, and telescopes.
Food & agriculture
Smart technological tools and solutions to ensure the optimal use of resources and support sustainable farming across all the processes of the food supply chain.
Biotechnology & life sciences
Miniaturization, integration, and microengineering expertise to develop new devices, tools, and systems for toxicology, pharmacology, and diagnostics and assays.
Information & communication technologies
Hardware, software, and systems integration expertise for the next generation of connected applications—from wearables to aerospace.
Semiconductor industry
World-class microelectronic design services to fully integrated ASIC, system-on-chip, or semiconductor optoelectronic components.
Security & surveillance
Technologies and solutions to combat counterfeiting, ensure the safety of food and drugs, and protect both the natural environment and humans from injury, harm, and disaster.
Developing innovative sensors, integrated systems, and cutting-edge technologies to support the cleantech industry's drive to monitor and improve the quality of our air, water, and soil.
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