When new technologies require new companies
Start-ups & ventures
Start-ups or joint-ventures based on CSEM technologies contribute to the economic vitality of Switzerland and of established and emerging industries.

The creation of start-ups or joint-ventures is a way of valorizing CSEM’s research programs and those of its academic and research partners. It’s also part of CSEM’s mission, figuring in the service contract established between the center and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI).

aktiia SA
Commercialization of its proprietary cuffless optical Blood Pressure Monitoring technology (oBPM) in order to contribute to the prevention of high blood pressure, to save lives and to help reduce healthcare costs worldwide.
Solaxess SA
manufactures and commercializes a nanotechnology based film for the use in Photovoltaic modules in order to render them in different surface colors.
ViDi Systems SA
In April 2017, Cognex Corporation acquired ViDi Systems SA, a maker of deep learning software for industrial machine vision.
NeoCoat SA
develops, manufactures, and markets CVD diamond coatings and doped-diamond electrodes for various applications (tribology, water treatment & sensing, metrology, tools, etc.), as well as innovative CVD reactors and processes.
3Brain AG
sells large-scale, high-resolution microelectrode array systems for in-vitro electrophysiology - the recording of extracellular signals from electrogenic cells, networks and tissues, such as in-vitro neuronal networks, brain slices, and cardiac tissue preparations.
develops, manufactures, and markets solutions in the area of personal security.
Organis GmbH
is active in teaching and training for intensive care and anesthesia.
develops and markets proven heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) control products for industry and end-users, guaranteeing highest energy savings, best comfort levels, and zero maintenance.
Swisstom AG
develops innovative medical devices to monitor the lung and heart functions of patients in intensive-care units and those undergoing general anesthesia.
Neroxis SA
offers autonomous, green, silicon based sensors and solutions for gas and water quality or security.
Osmotex AG
develops and produces the most advanced pumps for the emerging science and technology of microfluidics.
Asyril SA
focuses on the development of miniaturized mechatronical devices for automation in the fields of micro- and nano-technologies, biotechnologies, and medicine.
ActiSmile AG
is active in health, health promotion, lifestyle, and telemonitoring.
Mesa Imaging AG / Heptagon
develops cameras based on the time-of-flight (TOF) principle. This 3D camera allows imaging in all three dimensions. It opens up novel applications in numerous markets including the automotive, security, and building automation industries.
Heliotis AG
produces and markets measuring systems that enable light microscopes to acquire 3D images in real-time, thus addressing a very large global market.
Jade Invest SA
is a Swiss venture capital company, founded by CSEM together with Absolute Private Equity AG (a spin-off of Credit Suisse) and Delarive Groupe SA, to support high-tech start-ups initiated by CSEM.
Innobridge SA
is the innovation-consulting subsidiary of CSEM. It helps companies and investors to comprehensively evaluate and exploit the full potential of new and emerging technologies, to include them in their strategic plans, and to use them to gain competitive advantage and develop new business.
is a CSEM start-up based in Buckenhof (Germany) and offering optical consulting, simulation, and design (with a focus on the design of injection molded optical components.
Micro-Cameras & Space Exploration SA
develops specific systems in the field of scientific instrumentation for space exploration, especially imaging systems.
Colibrys SA
develops, produces and sells advanced microsystems, customs MEMS and related services
PhotonFocus AG
develops and delivers advanced CMOS sensors with sound/vision camera engineering. Photonfocus markets standard cameras and OEM vision modules for the industrial market.
Posic SA
develops, produces and markets microcoil inductive sensors for motion-control applications.
Xemtec AG
brings innovation to optical sensing solutions - from handheld scanners to utility metering systems - including new applications.
Avalon Photonics Ltd / Bookham / II-IV Laser Enterprise
In March 2006, Bookham-Oclaro acquired CSEM's start-up Avalon Photonics, a leading provider of single-mode and multi-mode Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) chips, arrays, and sub-assemblies for sensing and datacom applications. And in 2013, II-VI Incorporated acquired this Swiss Business Unit of Oclaro Inc.
Heptagon Oy
is a start-up of CSEM and Heptagon Oy with offices in Helsinki and Zurich, offering design, prototyping, and manufacture of diffractive optics and micro-optics.
offers various information technology and systems services.
Zentronica AG
coaches on how to find finance for high-tech start-up companies in the region of central Switzerland.
CSM Instruments SA / Anton Paar GmbH
develops, produces, and sells advanced mechanical surface testing equipment and related services.
Xemics SA / Semtech
In 2005, Semtech Corp. acquired the CSEM start-up Xemics SA, a fabless developer of ultra-low-power analog, radio frequency (RF), and digital integrated circuits (IC). Semtech is a leading supplier of high-quality analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products.
Litomask SA / Photonics
In 1996, Photonics acquired Litomask, CSEM's start-up for photomask manufacturing operations. Photonics is the industry leader in the design, development, and production of reticles and photomasks for semiconductor and microelectronic applications.
Microsens SA
designs, develops and manufactures integrated sensors.
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