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Values, ethics & social responsibility
CSEM fosters collaboration and innovation by encouraging a positive, dynamic, and supportive working environment, and committing to honesty and equity. CSEM practices environmental, economic, and social sustainability—protecting nature and its resources and fostering our human capital.

Values and ethics

CSEM strives to create and maintain an exceptional working environment. That environment favors openness and creativity, and fosters excellence, competence, and growth. It is founded on values such as trust, equity, respect, tolerance, diversity, and a commitment to honesty and gender equality. And it helps CSEM’s employees strike the ideal work–life balance.

CSEM draws its values together into a charter of ethics based on three principals—equal rights and obligations, fair and correct treatment for all, and nurturing a collaborative working environment. Equal rights means, among other things, the right to be treated with respect and the right to make mistakes as long as you learn from them. It also means the right to be treated equally independent of gender, nationality, age, or function. Equal obligations means, among other things, giving our best, and a dedication to teamwork, flexibility, confidentiality, and improvement. It also means attentiveness to customer needs—the customer is always entitled to our fullest attention and commitment.

CSEM’s support for a workplace that promotes collaboration and innovation means encouraging a positive, dynamic, and supportive working environment. It means a dedication to constructive conflict resolution, and the promotion of tolerance and enthusiasm for the job at hand. To work at CSEM you need to be ready both to accept responsibility and to show initiative. The rewards are—we believe—outstanding.

Corporate social responsibility—Milestones in sustainable development

CSEM practices environmental, economic, and social sustainability. We do this by working on projects that protect nature and its resources, by developing and maintaining partnerships that increase profits and competitive advantage, and by being an entrepreneur that enhances and takes care of its human capital. The technologies CSEM develops add value to its industrial clients, helping make those companies themselves better places to work.

CSEM’s dedication to corporate social responsibility is founded on three pillars:

Limiting our impact on the environment (

CSEM regularly implements infrastructure improvements that reduce energy consumption and its environmental impact. We’ve also put in place systems for optimizing accident prevention, for handling dangerous materials, and for recycling and waste management.

Committing to our employees

In line with our stated values, we’ve introduced a range of measures to reconcile the world of work with the world of family life. These include encouraging gender equality, and offering a company crèche, job sharing, the option of part-time work for all functions, and teleworking or telecommuting. A good work–life balance is the best way to reduce stress and ensure harmony in the workplace. Achieving that balance and ensuring the well-being of all its employees are high priorities for CSEM.

Acting ethically toward society while driving economic growth

At CSEM, we believe sustainable development is the only responsible approach to economic growth and that its importance will only increase as time passes. Our operating model—based on a unique public–private partnership—gives us the flexibility needed to address a broad range of applied research. This is how we face the challenges of tomorrow, pursue our commitment to innovation, and ensure economic stimulus, even in challenging times.

By integrating elements of sustainability into our innovative processes and business strategies, we help our clients get to solutions faster and access new markets.

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