Fostering innovation
Mission, Vision & Strategy
From a mission to innovate to a strategy that delivers.

Mission—Ensuring competitiveness through technology transfer

CSEM is a national innovation accelerator—a catalyst for the transfer of technologies and know-how from fundamental research to industry. This role involves four principal tasks:

  • we develop and maintain technology platforms,
  • we integrate and combine technologies into workable systems,
  • we mature those technologies until using them will add value to our industrial clients,
  • then we support the process of transferring those technologies to industry.

The development of our highly innovative platforms is supported by the Swiss Confederation, by the Cantons of Neuchâtel, Basel Land, and Graubünden, and by the cantons of central Switzerland (Obwalden, Luzern, Nidwalden, Schwyz, Zug, and Uri).

Vision—Technologies that make the difference

CSEM aims to be one of the world’s top innovation centers. We want working with CSEM to be the natural choice for every Swiss company seeking to innovate with microtechnologies. We strive to be the ideal workplace for the world’s best engineers and researchers.

The object of our mission—ensuring the competiveness of Swiss industry—is more than simply a nice-to-have. Competitiveness means a manufacturing industry that stays in Switzerland and doesn’t delocalize abroad. It also means developing—and keeping—powerful R&D capabilities and world-class engineering prowess in the country. Our broad field of expertise—microtechnology—is a fundamental ingredient of Swiss industry and of the success of Swiss Made and the added value these strategies so obviously create.

Strategy—Making the difference

We position CSEM as the foremost national player in the field of technology transfer. In this way, we explore new means of collaborating with academia and the economy, creating conditions favorable for the technology transfer required by the industries of tomorrow:

  • Leveraging our excellence in integration and multidisciplinary research in the broad field of microtechnology in order to strengthen our differentiation.
  • Intensifying our collaboration with Swiss academia and Swiss research and technology organizations (RTOs).
  • Encouraging more entrepreneurs to create start-ups.
  • Strengthening our position at the European level, with the Heterogeneous Technology Alliance (HTA) as our preferred tool.

The disruptive microtechnology platforms we develop today—strengthening the "Swissness" of products and processes—will, tomorrow, help Swiss industry maintain its leadership, creating wealth and jobs in the process.

Mario El-Khoury, CEO.

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